secret pal confusion

Monday, July 24, 2006

I've been keeping up with the blogs related to the SP8 exchange, and I have to say, it bothers me that so many people complain openly about their pals. Not that there aren't slackers out there, and yes, I've been blessed with great pals both times I've participated. (By the way, pal, your tissues came in VERY handy on the 15th, when we all moved out. SO many tears needed drying, and cute tissues make even the weepiest girls smile.) Anyway, as much as I love seeing what everyone gets from their SPs, I do think it sometimes sets a standard that is unreachable by other SPs. I know my first round, I was not the best pal. I tried to find things I thought my pal would like (it seemed she did) but I did not understand AT ALL about presentation! Cardboard box, check. Yarny gifts, check. No tissue, nothing. My ears burn at the thought now! Anyway, my pals have set me straight, sending me sweetly packaged gifts.

I guess my point is that not all pals "get it" right away, and rather than complain in a public forum, even anonymously, contact your hostess. I know it made me feel bad, and wonder if I hadn't sent my pal enough emails, gifts, etc. Her final package is also very nice (a cashmere theme, y'all. To atone for my previous pal sins). I also worry other people will see it and wonder why their pal sent them something other than cashmere. *sigh*

At least I have a wonderful, kind pal (whose candle I am burning right this second, to air out the "new paint" smell) who reminds me that SP is still a good thing.


bradyphrenia said...

well you were an absolutely fantastic pal. no complaints here. i get what you are saying though. it seems likely that your spoiler is going to be reading your blog regularly, and to be snippy about it is just in poor taste, imho.

hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your post hit home with me. I have a pal who sends me little ( and big) things often, in fact, so often that I have felt like I am a bad Secret Pal to you. With you..I had read up on you and then bought stuff to send at three different times.....but I sure hope you havn't felt forgotten. Speaking of boxes, your last one should be arriving towards the end of August. Just don't think I have forgotten!