Sock yarn, Tracey Chapman, and Beck's

Thursday, December 15, 2005

In case you're wondering, we're having a wonderful time though the weather doesn't want to cooperate! It's been gloomy and cool, too cool to even go swimming or snorkeling. Mark was kind enough to try to get in the water with me, but we both agreed it was just too damned cold and went home a bit dejected. However, he's gone out with the boys, which is great. He can have fun and let loose a little, and I can work on a knitting project in peace.

As for Christmas knitting, I finished all my family's gifts. For mark's family, I've thus far finished:

Liz's lace scarf
Dan's striped merino hat

Started but not completed:

Sue's lace scarf
Carol's stole
Anna's Seaweed and Shells stole
Mark's sweater (to be fair, I remembered the yarn and needles for the sleeves, but forgot the body at home. Oops. I figure I'll finish the sleeves, then graft them on when we get home...!)

As for me, I'm making a pair of socks for myself out of the Lorna's Laces Springer. It's such a green and fresh colorway it makes me feel sure tomorrow will be sunny.

I hope you're all doing well, we are!

Finally, some knitting content!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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I actually finished this a couple of days ago, but hadn't had time to upload the photo that Mark so kindly took. I LOVE this tank top - too bad it's a store model for Threaded Bliss and not for me! It fits perfectly too. One odd thing, it only took two hanks, despite the pattern calling for three, and I made the SMALLEST size (28"!!) However, it fit me perfectly! So either my gauge changed A LOT or this thing stretched out a lot for some reason. But I would advise making a smaller size than you would normally wear, and bind off the back stitches loose enough to be comfortable.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I am a sucker for sales. Especially sales that involve laceweight kid mohair/silk blends. In many colors that I love. Especially blue-green. It doesn't matter to me that I already own Baby Kid Extra in glorious white, or Kidsilk Haze in Trance. Madil Kid Seta is clearly a slightly different yarn, and it's on sale.

I don't like knitting mohair. But I LOVE the chubby little balls of the stuff, and I KEEP BUYING IT. BY THE TRUCKLOAD. You do not want to know how much laceweight I have. Do I love to knit lace? Yes. But not with mohair.

Yet... it would work so perfectly for the lace poncho in Wrap Style... and this delicious pearl grey could be held along with my LACEWEIGHT ANGORA THAT I NEVER SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT WAS SO @()$&!&$ EXPENSIVE. Why can my brain not see that I am going on vacation! I know I am getting yarn vouchers for every conceivable yarn shop! I do not have extra money to spend. Yet... here I am... fighting the shakes that come with not buying laceweight for almost a week.

It is a sickness. I vow to never turn anyone on to knitting again. ESPECIALLY lace knitting. *grumbles*

Off and running

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This a quick post from the computer lab where I'm (supposed to be) writing a paper. I found this photo on Flickr while browsing this week's "Interesting" feature. I hope to see something like this while scuba diving... *happy sigh*

When I get a chance I'll upload photos of the work in progress knitting-wise. I'm half-way through two scarves, and about a quarter done with another. :)