Socks On a Tray

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Socks On a Tray
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I've finished a lot of socks lately - I guess it's the portability. With the house torn apart from the renovation, it makes life easy to keep everything in one Loopy project bag. No needing to keep up with pattern pages, or multiple balls of yarn. This does mean that MS3 has been set aside, but I think I'll live. It's stalled at the 3rd clue, and I'll keep printing out the charts until I get the intense desire to work on it...

For project specs on each pair, click on the photo above. I'll show you the new socks on the needles! tomorrow!

Bearclaw Scarfette

Thursday, July 26, 2007

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Pattern: Bearclaw Scarfette

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy Sock in Giant Peach from The Loopy Ewe!

Time: About two weeks, give or take a few days.

Notes: This "little" scarf (over 90" long, oops!) went by quickly thanks to the frost flowers pattern, which was easy enough to memorize but changing enough that it wasn't boring. I knit 6 repeats, placed the live stitches on a holder, knit another 6 repeats and then grafted them together. You can't even tell where I grafted it, since I finished each pattern short one purl row before grafting (so, it was ready for a plain row either way, and the grafted stitches took its place.)

Up next? Socks, socks, and more socks. I have two finished ones, and their mates on the needles. Some of the contenders for the next couple pairs:


I have been good about using from my stash, largely. I did order enough Sundara to knit a small shawl, but since I've never used her stuff, the color was gorgeous, and I had a paypal balance left over from the destash, I am not worried in the least. (Now, the Loopy Ewe getting Handmaiden mini maiden? That is Not Good.)


Sunday, July 22, 2007

After staying up all night on Friday to read Harry Potter (it was worth it, of course) and then last night I kept waking up... over and over again.. this morning I am so tired and have to teach. I love the kids, but we are having a house painting party as soon as I get done, and no doubt I will be up late again. Can't I have a time turner, please, and sleep for a few hours? Maybe then this headache would go away...

(I had gotten behind on the mystery stole, by an embarassing amount. After finishing Clue 1 only a couple hours after it was released... then never touching it again til yesterday. I'm up to row 140 now, so clue 2 will be finished soon. Yay!)

It's Over.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I finished the final installment of HP at 6:55 this morning, having begun at 1:00AM. 6 hours. Pretty good time; even I was surprised by how quickly it flew.

Okay... THERE ARE SPOILERS. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS! PLEASE don't highlight the below text if you don't want my thoughts on very spoiler-ish events in the book, okay? Don't say I didn't warn you...

I was really upset about Fred. I mean... so sad. I really was not that shocked about Moody, I mean, he really didn't have a lot more to contribute to the story at that point. But really, I think the worst was Tonks/Lupin, and right after they became parents. I know Tonks loved Lupin (obviously), but THIS IS HER CHILD. Why would you abandon your new baby for a husband you already sorta know is toast? It seemed really selfish and weird to me. I'm glad the posse survived, and overall I really liked the storyline with Ron/Hermione/Harry on the run for months, and Ron even abandoning Harry at one point! I was actually pleased by that, I think it shows more of a real person than this abstract ideal of a best friend who never, ever wavers. I loved when Harry is approaching Voldemort, counting each heartbeat left to him, etc... VERY tense! However, I thought the whole 'dream' sequence was kinda hokey and it would've made far more of an impact if he had stayed you-know. Also, the final chapter? I didn't like it. I thought I would, but it seemed so... childish? It was cool to see all the kids grown up, with children of their own, but it was written almost like a fanfic, right down to the shipper's preference in pairing! Grown-up Draco was cute, too, heh. (Oh, and I am so pleased about Snape. YAY!! Not really surprising about Petunia, I always knew she was jealous.)

If you have any comments about the books, please email me privately or post spoiler-free remarks only. I don't want the book to be ruined accidentally, hence the highlighting, etc.

Eleventh Hour

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dates: July 4, 2007 - July 19, 2007. 15 days. Pretty good considering this thing's giant!
Pattern: A significantly altered (gauge, added stripes, changed neckline, knit in round, etc.) version of the Quidditch sweater from Charmed Knits. Such a cute book!
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton in Poster Blue (13 balls) and Moonstone (2 and a bit of a third.) The blue bled really bad the first wash, but the grey was sort of too warm anyway, and now it's perfect. The weight of this thing caused it to stretch about 2" in length, but since those sweaters are sooo long anyway, I don't think it'll be an issue. It's very hugging and flattering, believe it or not. (You won't have to believe for long; I'll get a photo of me in it tomorrow!)

The patch is from an ebay seller who does amazing HP patches. They aren't endorsed by WB, as far as I know, but here it is. The communication was good, the shipping cheapo but predictably not so fast (8 days, including weekends.) I really want one of her Auror patches too, it changes color in the light!

Overall, I liked this project and I'm really tempted to make another out of the green yarn that I have. (*the* green yarn? Who am I kidding? One of the many green yarns...) Or possibly hufflepuff, since it's been pointed out I look like Tonks, with my newly purple hair. (You heard me. No photo today, sorry!) I think, though, a more likely HP project will be a school sweater in charcoal, with the slytherin colors. I like all the houses, so I think it would be fun to have a whole wardrobe of different house clothing!

I will be offline til I finish reading Deathly Hallows, to avoid any spoilers. But, since it took me 6 1/2 hours to read number 6, and no doubt a reread will follow, it should only be a week or so. I won't be posting any spoilers on the blog, for obvious reasons. If I do feel the need to shout from the rooftops (and I can only think of one thing that would make me do that.. *hearts*Snape*hearts*) I'll make sure to black it out so you have to highlight to read it. Don't want to be ruining it for anyone else...

Oh, and I'll be baking pumpkin pasties tonight. :9

The FO train continues...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

This little number is for a friend of mine, due with a baby next month. (Isn't everyone pregnant right now? It seems like it... must have been a very dull winter. ;)

Dates: Unknown, as it's been sitting in the basket for almost two months, just waiting for underarm seaming. Sad, I know!

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in Stone, two skeins, and Cashmerino Astrakhan in Teal, most of one skein.

Pattern: Placket-neck baby sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Love this pattern, I think this is my third?

I have at least another week's worth of FOs for you, so there should be plenty of blog fodder for a while. See you tomorrow with a new FO!

Ride the FO Train!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I used slightly less than 5 balls, on size 3 & 5 needles; it took almost exactly a week. =) The color is true on my monitor, it's "Crush" (bought from Elann last week for a song!)
Dates: June 28 to July 4 (4 am!)
Pattern: Cool Vest from RYC Classic Style, modified to knit in the round, using 3 needle bindoff on shoulders.
Yarn: 5 balls Rowan Cashsoft DK for 36" size

Pattern notes: Both the yarn and the ribbed pattern are very stretchy; if I make a similar vest, I should make it the next smaller size to incorporate some negative ease. It does fit, but it definitely looks better over a button-up rather than a t-shirt, etc.

Next up:

Beginnings of Quidditch Sweater (Ravenclaw)

A Ravenclaw Quidditch sweater from this pattern. I'd like to be able to wear it to the book release party in two weeks, and I think, barring any unseen circumstances, I can do it. Why Ravenclaw? I had the yarn for it! ;) Specifically, Rowan Wool Cotton in Poster Blue, a nice dark royal; I'll be hopping over to Angel Hair today to get the contrasting pale gray color. Not to mention the maroon/gold combo would look really gross on me, and I'd like a sweater I can wear "undercover" and not be recognized as a huge HP dork when I'd rather not. This yarn has been marinating for quite a while, so I'm happy that it finally has a destination.