It's Over.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I finished the final installment of HP at 6:55 this morning, having begun at 1:00AM. 6 hours. Pretty good time; even I was surprised by how quickly it flew.

Okay... THERE ARE SPOILERS. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS! PLEASE don't highlight the below text if you don't want my thoughts on very spoiler-ish events in the book, okay? Don't say I didn't warn you...

I was really upset about Fred. I mean... so sad. I really was not that shocked about Moody, I mean, he really didn't have a lot more to contribute to the story at that point. But really, I think the worst was Tonks/Lupin, and right after they became parents. I know Tonks loved Lupin (obviously), but THIS IS HER CHILD. Why would you abandon your new baby for a husband you already sorta know is toast? It seemed really selfish and weird to me. I'm glad the posse survived, and overall I really liked the storyline with Ron/Hermione/Harry on the run for months, and Ron even abandoning Harry at one point! I was actually pleased by that, I think it shows more of a real person than this abstract ideal of a best friend who never, ever wavers. I loved when Harry is approaching Voldemort, counting each heartbeat left to him, etc... VERY tense! However, I thought the whole 'dream' sequence was kinda hokey and it would've made far more of an impact if he had stayed you-know. Also, the final chapter? I didn't like it. I thought I would, but it seemed so... childish? It was cool to see all the kids grown up, with children of their own, but it was written almost like a fanfic, right down to the shipper's preference in pairing! Grown-up Draco was cute, too, heh. (Oh, and I am so pleased about Snape. YAY!! Not really surprising about Petunia, I always knew she was jealous.)

If you have any comments about the books, please email me privately or post spoiler-free remarks only. I don't want the book to be ruined accidentally, hence the highlighting, etc.