Monday, August 22, 2005

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Now you see what we've been up to! Despite my false starts for the last month, Mark came over the other night, watched while I fumbled with the wheel (pathetically, I think) and then decided he wanted a try. A few minutes later, he was spinning and I was oohing and aahing. He had to actually show me how to do it! He's a natural, I tell you. I WILL bring him over to the soft and fluffy dark side of fiber arts.

This is our very first collaboration, a thick-n-thin christened "Pumpkin". Something laceweight maybe?

it's been one of those days.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I really don't want to complain since there are so many people in the world who are far worse off than myself, but I am irked at the series of events that's occured yesterday and today, so I'll just let it off my chest with the understanding that it's not all that bad, just annoying and tiresome. Bear with me til this evening, ok?

I tried ordering dinner for Mark and myself last night, only to find out my card has been reported stolen. Yes, that's right, stolen. The card that has been sitting on my desk, in my apartment, unused for almost a week. By who? The credit union, apparently. Why? They can't say. They can't tell me why they told Mastercard my card was used fraudulently, and it should be cut off. I can't "turn it on" again, so I have to drive to the Credit Union tonight, and order a new card which will take 7-10 business days. Note that I have no checks or credit cards, so ATM for the time being it seems. Except, oops, my paycheck was lost in the mail! We didn't deposit it, of course, so that means my Gapcard payment bounced, slapping me with a $25 late fee. AARRGGHHHH.

So now I have no working card, Am $9 in the hole, And no money to take out of the bank. What's a girl to do? Call her mom, of course, and beg a cash loan til the wandering check arrives. Now, guys, I really try not to borrow money if I can ever avoid it. I hate credit cards, and have been trying to pay off the one that I had at Christmas since well... Christmas. So I hate borrowing money from my mom. :
On top of that, I emailed Annie offering to knit a sample sweater for her. As I was taking pictures of things I've finished recently to show her what I can do, my batteries died. Not a problem, I thought, I'll just run to the store and buy more. Wrong! No money, remember?

At this time, Mark is home for lunch, hungry but affectionate. I make the only thing left in my semi-bare cabinets (Noodles that were actually pretty good). I felt guilty that I didn't have time or money or togetherness to cook him "actual" food, but he was thankful and snuggled me and told me it would be ok, and even brought me my favourite instant coffee treat (chocolate suisse, if you must know). Thank you, whoever is in charge of these things, for giving me somebody so understanding and wonderful. *grin*

I'll take those pictures tonight after I meet with my mom and show you what i've knitted recently. Because I haven't posted any pictures in a while....

who DIDN'T see this coming?

I took the coffee quiz that I read on another blog. I'm sorta pleased at what I got. :)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Normally I get up when Mark gets up for work, but today I was so sleepy that I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. Thankfully I woke up a minute later, realizing he needed to get up, so I let him know it was 7 and went back to sleep, expecting him to wake me up when he got out of the shower.

Well, he woke me up as he was leaving, with snuggles and a kiss, and told me to go back to sleep. I thought it was nice of him to sacrifice, since I'm the one that starts the coffee maker and toaster, so he had to do it himself this morning. You see why I knit all these things for him? :)

I finished the Seaweed scarf, and it's blocking now. I'll post a picture when it dries, before I mail it off. If you want the pattern, just ask once you see it (obviously).

Now I'm working on the Latvian Folk Socks from the "Folk Socks" book in Lorna's Laces (the Happy Valley that I ordered last week). I am really loving this yarn, but the colors are more pastel than I expected, so they may end up gift socks for someone. I am thinking the Mother Lode that I bought will become socks for me. The colors are more subdued and Fall-ish. Now if I can stop knitting useful items and start making some art, I'll be set for when the semester starts in two weeks. Eep!

Yay! Dvds!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Well, I can't really afford it right now, but I really want Jacques Cousteau's Pacific Explorations. I am a true water baby, despite living in a landlocked state. This is doubly necessary, since there are three programs about New Zealand.

Did I mention we got the money for me to go in December? What's that you say? Only three thousand times before noon. Oh, spoilsports, I'm just excited to see Mark's home and get an idea of whether or not I could live there permanently.

Of course, life's not all scube diving dvds and plane tickets... I can't afford my rent this month. It's two weeks in and I've not paid a red cent. I've got about $150 in the bank, and thank god I'll be getting some money from the yarn I sold. That'll help some, but what would really help is if I could stick to my yarn diet and for gas prices to go down. Gas is eating me alive, I tell you! perhaps this latest business (which I won't discuss here) with the job is just another encouragement for me to find a local job. But where? Starbucks? No thanks, man.

yarn destash!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hey, I'm having a yarn destash sale right now. I didn't bother to put up any junk yarn; it's all name brand and with the exception of a mystery yarn and two skeins of Lion Brand landscapes, it's all "good" stuff (i.e. Rowan, Noro, etc.) I take paypal payments and e-checks, as well as money orders and cashier's checks. No personal checks or cash, since I'd hate for your money to get lost in the mail :\. Please email me if you're interested in anything.



Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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I broke my yarn diet AGAIN and ordered the Lorna's Laces I've been slobbering over for some time. I really love this colorway, and since we've been talking about really happy things recently, I thought I needed some beautiful, happy yarn to reflect my feelings. I don't know if this will end up as socks or something else, but maybe so! Someone even made a stunning Kiri using this same colorway, so that's a thought too.

I feel really bad about breaking the yarn diet though... I'm not sorry, but my landlady will not understand when I tell her I am late with my rent AGAIN over something like yarn. I was planning to buy some Jaeger Luxury Tweed in Kingfisher or Robin, I guess I should be thanking God I resisted that at least.

And Sheila, Lorna's Laces is the exact reason I won't be in Threaded Bliss til I've got some money. Because I just can't say no. *sigh/grin*

whew :)

Hey, so we got back Monday night/Tuesday morning at about 1 am. The trip was really fun, but Chicago is not where I need to be. Now that I know that, we're looking more seriously at New Zealand. Maybe. I hate to say "yes" and then it turn to "no", so I'll just say that it's something that I'd like if it's in the cards for us.

I didn't get to go to any yarn shops while I was there, as the one I could find without help was closed on Monday. They're also closed Tuesday and FRIDAY. How can a store stay open only four days a week, especially since Sunday is just 12-5?? If I ever own such a thing, I'd be a little more sensitive to what's comfortable for consumers, rather than just my own schedule. >:|

What that did mean is I had a bit of spending money left over, and with Jimmy Bean's Wool having a sale on Rowan (among other things) I ended up buying a few things to try. Two skeins of Rowanspun DK (one each in Catkin and Snowball) and winging their way towards me, with their smaller sibling, a skein of Rowanspun 4-ply in Sugar (LOVE that color, but I've heard it's scratchy. We'll see.) I also found out a yarn shop in Memphis is offering free shipping til September 30th on any order of any size. Now, since they don't discount I wouldn't normally buy from them, but since I've been wanting to get my hands on a skein of Rowan Cashsoft, it was the perfect opportunity. I ordered it in Clementine, in case you're curious, since I've got loads of blue, green, and neutral yarn. I thought I ought to get something a little wilder, and the orange will make my blue eyes pop. :) Now what to do with one skein....

While in Chicago, we did some shopping at some great local stores. CB2, the extension of Crate & Barrel for the college set, had really cool, inexpensive housewares, so I bought a pink rubber container for all my doodads in the studio, along with an awesome two-sided picture frame that rocks like a boat. I could've furnished my whole apartment there, I tell you! I also bought a gorgeous ocean book at Bookworks (no website) for $30 - signed, and the list price is $75! I also bought some candles at WaxMan candles (no website) and... um.. that's about it. We love Trader Joe's as well.

We're thinking of going to Asheville before school starts, or at least Chattanooga. We'll need a short break before we go back to the daily grind, especially since my show is coming up! AAA!


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well, a lot of things got settled about this upcoming trip and I'm happier for it. After three hours on the phone, a place to stay was found for $105 per night. Outrageous, you say? How about it's a bed and breakfast, and absolutely charming. And not in that antique-doily way. It looks like Sherlock Holmes might've stayed there! Did I mention it's two blocks from the Blue Line, which we can take both to the Loop (and the school) and to the convention center? And there's only one other room in the whole place? Go me, go me. Even Mark told me I did a good job, and here I was afraid he'd be frightened off by the antique look of the place.

Anyway, the link is here. It's Joy's Joy, and we've rented the room with the bookcase. :)

We also bought our convention tickets. So now we just have to get there. I'm hoping on Sunday (the off day) we can wander the streets and find dusty bookshops, a cafe or two, walk down to the beach, take some photos and look at some art. Then Monday, we tour the school, the very reason we're there! Cross your fingers for us.

I'm also blocking the Kiri shawl. But I don't want to talk about that :P


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

man, I HATE days when I am emotional and bitchy for no reason. Today I am just frustrated all to hell with everything. I said "Fuck it" to the Kiri shawl, it will now be a Kiri head wrap thing since I stopped at six repeats. I couldn't stand it anymore, seriously. I couldn't find the needles for Mark's mother's shawl, which wil now be a scarf I think since I can't find another fern pattern besides Birch. He got here early for lunch, I was unprepared so grilled cheese it was. I can't get the printer to work, there are still clothes on the floor, and I just feel incompetent and crappy. Yesterday was such a nice evening, why am I so hurt and angry today? I guess just lots of small things have built up and I feel underappreciated, even if it totally isn't true. What DOES happen is I take on things I shouldn't, and try to do things for him, and when he doesn't throw himself at my feet in thanks I get grumbly. But the truth is, I take on those things; he doesn't ask me to. Sometimes I develop a martyr complex, and I'm doing it now. I just need to stop and do my own thing for a day or so, because it isn't healthy to get your self esteem from someone else, no matter how supportive they are.

It does hurt a little when he isn't ecstatic to see me, but that's unrealistic of me too. He's a really good boyfriend, but I expect perfection from everyone and it's getting me in trouble!

Some good things did happen today. My mom agreed to let him get a cell phone on our family's plan, so it will save him some money. I hooked up the scanner that has been collecting dust for two years, plugged it in, and it worked fine - no downloads or anything. The kiri is almost done (though smaller than originally expected, *grin*) and I got lots of genuine, "I'm not happy right now but I still want to be with you" kisses this afternoon. And if I can't make things better all the time and he still wants me, then that's a miracle (in my mind) in itself.

kiri shawl

Monday, August 01, 2005

I haven't taken any pictures recently, of knitting things anyway. I'm still slogging through the kiri shawl for my mother's birthday (IN THREE DAYS). I'm just starting repeat 7 on the second set of charts, so I've got about 6 repeats left, then the edging and blocking. Sound totally impossible? Factor in that we are going to Chicago on early Friday morning (like 1 am early), I've got a presentation I haven't begun that following Monday, and I'm working every day but today from now til this upcoming weekend, and you can see that this is going to mean at least one late night.

I'm also helping Mark clean up the logo that he made for his rugby team, but I hope he won't mind if we do that next week, or at least finish it then. I'd like to use Illustrator to do a really good job, but if it's needed right away, we may have to settle for "really good" rather than "fabulous."

It seemed everyone was cranky yesterday too. That kinda got me down because I was already worried and exhausted, but ya can't expect folks to step lightly around you just because you aren't feeling well. Thankfully when I took Mark the toaster this morning he seemed tiredly cheerful and squeezed me 'til I felt better. :)

I'll post the Kiri this week. I CAN DO IT.