kiri shawl

Monday, August 01, 2005

I haven't taken any pictures recently, of knitting things anyway. I'm still slogging through the kiri shawl for my mother's birthday (IN THREE DAYS). I'm just starting repeat 7 on the second set of charts, so I've got about 6 repeats left, then the edging and blocking. Sound totally impossible? Factor in that we are going to Chicago on early Friday morning (like 1 am early), I've got a presentation I haven't begun that following Monday, and I'm working every day but today from now til this upcoming weekend, and you can see that this is going to mean at least one late night.

I'm also helping Mark clean up the logo that he made for his rugby team, but I hope he won't mind if we do that next week, or at least finish it then. I'd like to use Illustrator to do a really good job, but if it's needed right away, we may have to settle for "really good" rather than "fabulous."

It seemed everyone was cranky yesterday too. That kinda got me down because I was already worried and exhausted, but ya can't expect folks to step lightly around you just because you aren't feeling well. Thankfully when I took Mark the toaster this morning he seemed tiredly cheerful and squeezed me 'til I felt better. :)

I'll post the Kiri this week. I CAN DO IT.