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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hey, so we got back Monday night/Tuesday morning at about 1 am. The trip was really fun, but Chicago is not where I need to be. Now that I know that, we're looking more seriously at New Zealand. Maybe. I hate to say "yes" and then it turn to "no", so I'll just say that it's something that I'd like if it's in the cards for us.

I didn't get to go to any yarn shops while I was there, as the one I could find without help was closed on Monday. They're also closed Tuesday and FRIDAY. How can a store stay open only four days a week, especially since Sunday is just 12-5?? If I ever own such a thing, I'd be a little more sensitive to what's comfortable for consumers, rather than just my own schedule. >:|

What that did mean is I had a bit of spending money left over, and with Jimmy Bean's Wool having a sale on Rowan (among other things) I ended up buying a few things to try. Two skeins of Rowanspun DK (one each in Catkin and Snowball) and winging their way towards me, with their smaller sibling, a skein of Rowanspun 4-ply in Sugar (LOVE that color, but I've heard it's scratchy. We'll see.) I also found out a yarn shop in Memphis is offering free shipping til September 30th on any order of any size. Now, since they don't discount I wouldn't normally buy from them, but since I've been wanting to get my hands on a skein of Rowan Cashsoft, it was the perfect opportunity. I ordered it in Clementine, in case you're curious, since I've got loads of blue, green, and neutral yarn. I thought I ought to get something a little wilder, and the orange will make my blue eyes pop. :) Now what to do with one skein....

While in Chicago, we did some shopping at some great local stores. CB2, the extension of Crate & Barrel for the college set, had really cool, inexpensive housewares, so I bought a pink rubber container for all my doodads in the studio, along with an awesome two-sided picture frame that rocks like a boat. I could've furnished my whole apartment there, I tell you! I also bought a gorgeous ocean book at Bookworks (no website) for $30 - signed, and the list price is $75! I also bought some candles at WaxMan candles (no website) and... um.. that's about it. We love Trader Joe's as well.

We're thinking of going to Asheville before school starts, or at least Chattanooga. We'll need a short break before we go back to the daily grind, especially since my show is coming up! AAA!


Nyxxie said...

Hey there I got your blog address off Shelia's blog! I am in M'boro too and 22 I am not to sure that we have met up at Shelia's before. Just wanted to stop in and say "hi".