Yay! Dvds!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Well, I can't really afford it right now, but I really want Jacques Cousteau's Pacific Explorations. I am a true water baby, despite living in a landlocked state. This is doubly necessary, since there are three programs about New Zealand.

Did I mention we got the money for me to go in December? What's that you say? Only three thousand times before noon. Oh, spoilsports, I'm just excited to see Mark's home and get an idea of whether or not I could live there permanently.

Of course, life's not all scube diving dvds and plane tickets... I can't afford my rent this month. It's two weeks in and I've not paid a red cent. I've got about $150 in the bank, and thank god I'll be getting some money from the yarn I sold. That'll help some, but what would really help is if I could stick to my yarn diet and for gas prices to go down. Gas is eating me alive, I tell you! perhaps this latest business (which I won't discuss here) with the job is just another encouragement for me to find a local job. But where? Starbucks? No thanks, man.