it's been one of those days.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I really don't want to complain since there are so many people in the world who are far worse off than myself, but I am irked at the series of events that's occured yesterday and today, so I'll just let it off my chest with the understanding that it's not all that bad, just annoying and tiresome. Bear with me til this evening, ok?

I tried ordering dinner for Mark and myself last night, only to find out my card has been reported stolen. Yes, that's right, stolen. The card that has been sitting on my desk, in my apartment, unused for almost a week. By who? The credit union, apparently. Why? They can't say. They can't tell me why they told Mastercard my card was used fraudulently, and it should be cut off. I can't "turn it on" again, so I have to drive to the Credit Union tonight, and order a new card which will take 7-10 business days. Note that I have no checks or credit cards, so ATM for the time being it seems. Except, oops, my paycheck was lost in the mail! We didn't deposit it, of course, so that means my Gapcard payment bounced, slapping me with a $25 late fee. AARRGGHHHH.

So now I have no working card, Am $9 in the hole, And no money to take out of the bank. What's a girl to do? Call her mom, of course, and beg a cash loan til the wandering check arrives. Now, guys, I really try not to borrow money if I can ever avoid it. I hate credit cards, and have been trying to pay off the one that I had at Christmas since well... Christmas. So I hate borrowing money from my mom. :
On top of that, I emailed Annie offering to knit a sample sweater for her. As I was taking pictures of things I've finished recently to show her what I can do, my batteries died. Not a problem, I thought, I'll just run to the store and buy more. Wrong! No money, remember?

At this time, Mark is home for lunch, hungry but affectionate. I make the only thing left in my semi-bare cabinets (Noodles that were actually pretty good). I felt guilty that I didn't have time or money or togetherness to cook him "actual" food, but he was thankful and snuggled me and told me it would be ok, and even brought me my favourite instant coffee treat (chocolate suisse, if you must know). Thank you, whoever is in charge of these things, for giving me somebody so understanding and wonderful. *grin*

I'll take those pictures tonight after I meet with my mom and show you what i've knitted recently. Because I haven't posted any pictures in a while....


Nyxxie said...

Sorry to hear about the $$ troubles. Just got out of some myself. New checking account that I couldn't access on line and bills to pay with no debit card and no checks! LOL when checks arrived wouldn't you have known it that they were wrong and I had to wait again. This on top of the ones I ordered online they couldn't verfiy the account!! Don't you just love it when it all happens at once! This hoping you get back on your feet soon and the "bad stuff" stays clear for a while!