Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Normally I get up when Mark gets up for work, but today I was so sleepy that I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. Thankfully I woke up a minute later, realizing he needed to get up, so I let him know it was 7 and went back to sleep, expecting him to wake me up when he got out of the shower.

Well, he woke me up as he was leaving, with snuggles and a kiss, and told me to go back to sleep. I thought it was nice of him to sacrifice, since I'm the one that starts the coffee maker and toaster, so he had to do it himself this morning. You see why I knit all these things for him? :)

I finished the Seaweed scarf, and it's blocking now. I'll post a picture when it dries, before I mail it off. If you want the pattern, just ask once you see it (obviously).

Now I'm working on the Latvian Folk Socks from the "Folk Socks" book in Lorna's Laces (the Happy Valley that I ordered last week). I am really loving this yarn, but the colors are more pastel than I expected, so they may end up gift socks for someone. I am thinking the Mother Lode that I bought will become socks for me. The colors are more subdued and Fall-ish. Now if I can stop knitting useful items and start making some art, I'll be set for when the semester starts in two weeks. Eep!