Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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I broke my yarn diet AGAIN and ordered the Lorna's Laces I've been slobbering over for some time. I really love this colorway, and since we've been talking about really happy things recently, I thought I needed some beautiful, happy yarn to reflect my feelings. I don't know if this will end up as socks or something else, but maybe so! Someone even made a stunning Kiri using this same colorway, so that's a thought too.

I feel really bad about breaking the yarn diet though... I'm not sorry, but my landlady will not understand when I tell her I am late with my rent AGAIN over something like yarn. I was planning to buy some Jaeger Luxury Tweed in Kingfisher or Robin, I guess I should be thanking God I resisted that at least.

And Sheila, Lorna's Laces is the exact reason I won't be in Threaded Bliss til I've got some money. Because I just can't say no. *sigh/grin*