Yarn Party! *swims through yarn*

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We had an AWESOME sale at Threaded Bliss recently. 35% every yarn on the shelf, and 50-75% bags of yarn! Yours truly stayed just within her budget, and got many yummy things. To see photos of all of it, as well as photos of Mark and Me on a recent excursion to see my grandfather's house, click on the photo.

So, for $100 I got:

Three skeins of Fiesta Zia Handpainted Cotton in the "Moroccan" colorway (seen in photo). Original price: $79.50. On sale: $19
Three skeins Baby Kid Mohair in White (to make a snowy Galadriel-esque shawl!) Original price: $34. On sale: $21
One skein Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere Laceweight in an incredible deep purple/blue colorway. Original price: $35. On sale: $22
And my last, and best purchase: Thirteen balls of Merino dk from Debbie Bliss in Charcoal AND the book to match it. Original Price: $112 On sale for: $30!!!

I also got a knitpicks order a couple days ago, including the delicious Shine, which I would reccomend to anyone, even stodgy folks like myself who don't like cottons!


Friday, November 25, 2005

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Just a quick note to say.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Big sale at Threaded Bliss today, I hope I'll see some of you there!!

photos are uploaded

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey, for those of you that commented or emailed, thank you! As promised, more photos are uploaded to my Flickr account. (Just click on the photo at right to be taken there.) I plan on taking more photos of individual paintings and sculptures over the next few days, so bear with me.

Also, I was wondering if any of you know how I can get those status bars that fill up that I see on other people's blogs. You know, it'll say "Kiri in Kidsilk Haze, 12% complete," and have a little bar with 12% filled in. I wanna get some for me too!

You'll be happy to know...

That my yarn spending has subsided a lot. Whenever I get stressed I buy, for some reason. It's comforting? Anyway, I need to break that, so the only things I've bought recently I either budgeted for (Handknit Holidays, to make the scalloped bag for several female family members) and things Mark and I talked about. We've been looking for some Mac adventure games for the flight, and when I saw Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb for $9 (the only copy available, sorry) and Alice (a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, I am hoping it's similar to "Sanitarium") also for $9, I couldn't say no. $35 later I am two computer games richer and the book I need for Xmas gifts is on its way to me.

Not to mention my Knitpicks order from a few days ago, and the Jaeger Lux Tweed I ordered to make the Karabella Lace and Cables sweater.

By the way, I've got about 3 inches done on my Chamonix pullover. I ended up going with a simple bottom-up Sweater Workshop esque raglan, so I know it'll fit and I can shape however I damn well please, thankyouverymuch!

Of course, there's loads of schoolwork still to do, but we'll ignore that for now......


Sunday, November 20, 2005

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This photo is so blurry it's almost useless to see with. I'll take some better pictures tomorrow, ok? It's one of the seven paintings featured in the show, FYI.

There is going to be a sale at Threaded Bliss on Friday (the day after thanksgiving), with some items REALLY on sale, like grab bags! I already budgeted for at least one item - enough Cascade Quattro in pale orange to make a hooded sweater (probably Rogue.) And maybe some Kidsilk Haze in Blushes to make a Kiri, but I haven't decided yet.

I'm not really making progress on anything else. I need something to take my mind off worrying about my passport tho... it still isn't here and we're leaving in 3 weeks. O_____O


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Part of Bronwyn's art
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The show went off better than I could have ever hoped, thanks to help from my classmates (Michelle and Sher) and from Mark, my parents, and Professor Koenig. I got a lot of really positive remarks and ideas for how to improve the idea if I get the opportunity to do this again.

I did an underwater theme, with paintings of vague fish things sort of based on real creatures, but much of it coming out of my brain. I also knit and crocheted about 12 creatures, though I planned to make many more and still do.

I'll post better pictures as soon as I get a chance, ok? Speaking of making stuff, I'm gonna take a couple of hours today and work on Mark's sweater. It's only two weeks til his birthday and I want him to be able to wear it!! I also have to go get my emissions test and deposit some graduation money into savings (did you hear that, mom??) and of course... buy a little something for me. Probably enough Jaeger Luxury Tweed to make Salina from Rowan Vintage Knits, since I found a gal selling it for $2.50 a ball!!! And... maybe also some Peruvian Collection Baby Silk. But that's it! :)

Folk Socks Progress

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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For the moment I am ignoring the senior show fears to blog about my current knitting project, the second pair of socks from Folk Socks. It's my goal to knit every pair of socks in this book by Christmas next year. Why? Because I like finishing things and setting goals, and I've bought a lot of sock yarn in the last year. The first pair are the Latvian Lace socks in Lorna's Laces Happy Valley. I think they're going to my mom for Christmas, but right now they're on my feet. See, when I blocked them they were so inviting, with their rainbowy happiness and soft hand... *sigh*

The current pair are the english garden socks (not sure if this is the exact name). I eschewed the color changes at the top, but I may still do a colored heel if I can find some more Jawoll in a matching navy or burgundy. This yarn is sort of scratchy on the ball, by the way, but knit up it forms a springy, even fabric with stripes I just love. I'm now done with the calf decreases and am on my way to the ankle, tho I've not decided how long to make them just yet.

My next pair of socks will either be out of Knitpicks Sock Memories in Cape Cod (to try out a different yarn) or Lorna's Laces Springer.

There's just been a tornado warning so I'm going to go cower in the bathroom with my socks, even though the cat doesn't seem too upset. It is awfully windy and quiet...!

it's getting down to the wire...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Five paintings, seven hours. Can I get it done? We'll see!

The installation must begin at 9:00 pm-9:30 pm depending on how long it takes me to spraypaint the pedestals.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. I'm not even thinking about future projects now, but I did make two dates to give me something to look forward to when the madness is over (besides the vacation, I mean!)

Date 1: My parents and I are going to have a dye party, and dye up all that merino laceweight I have so I have something to knit in NZ. I think this will be really fun.

Date 2: Mark's birthday. I got off work all day to spend it with him. I'm taking him to get a massage, then to the new Cheesecake Factory (must remember to budget for that!) then maybe to a movie? We'll see. Of course, gifts will be involved. And since we're doing Christmas with my parents at the same time, maybe there'll be some gifts in it for me, too!

See ya, I won't be posting til it's all said and done day after tomorrow (oh god!)

stash update!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

jaeger Chamonix
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I forgot one thing - what I actually got stash-wise!

Cross your fingers for me please, I contacted a girl about purchasing her 10 balls Chamonix. I LOVE angora so I don't mind paying the (already inexpensive) price. The color is Marseille, a pale blue-grey, and I plan to make Cranberry (the sweater below) out of it. However, I am one ball short so I may make the belt and color with one ball of Orleans.

I also bought four balls of "ice blue" angora/wool on ebay. Too late did I realize it's angora GOAT (mohair) not angora RABBIT. If nothing else I'll hold two strands together and make a bag if it's truly scratchy. (1200 yards for $16. How could it not be?)

Of course, the previously mentioned Lorna's Laces, but you gals will be so proud of me - I ended up only buying the sportweight, saving about $14.

Last but certainly not least, I bought a two-pound cone of Brora Softspun from Webs. Mark really wants the ribbed man sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and I ran out of yarn for Saranac. (I can't win lately..!) so, I bought this yarn, 1900 yards to be SURE I had enough, to make it for him. I bought the chocolate color, if you're curious. It should be here on the 10th so I'll make sure to post a picture and a post-washing swatch so you'll know if it's a good buy!!

And believe it or not, there has been knitting going on, just lots of "sea creatures" for the show. I plan on doing a mass post once I get the bag for my class assembled today tho. What I've finished this last two weeks total: one pair of LL socks in Happy Valley, one hat from LL Worsted Bittersweet, and several creatures. Maybe I'll go the Pluckyfluff Nozzlers route and sell them after the fact.

Jaeger Cranberry

Jaeger Cranberry
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It's been getting really stressful around here lately. At the moment I don't feel like talking about everything I'm trying to do and get done, so I'll just post about things I'm working on and stash additions.

I know I am on stashing overdrive because I am stressed and I seriously nest when stress takes over my life. All the cuddly yarn comforts me and makes me dream of future projects - which reminds me there is a future, and one in which I will have more time to enjoy the things I can't do right now (like knit, paint, or cook.)

Thankfully Mark has been more than accomodating about picking up more chores while I am going through this and I plan on doing something really nice for him to say thanks. Not buy something though - it's my family's way of supporting - by "gifting", but I'd like to not keep that going. I like getting gifts, I mean, but sometimes the excess of "stuff" gets to me. What should I do? He's going to a game this upcoming weekend, and though I'll be super busy, I think I'll give the apartment a good clean and get all the laundry washed for him too.

On to the stash! SInce I'll be gone in December (and my pal is too busy to search for my blog) I'll tell you guys what I got her! Plus I'm mailing it today. So she'll get it before I know it.

I got her a good one to make up for the lack thereof in December:

1. one skein of Schaeffer Laurel one-of-a-kind that I fell in love with at Threaded Bliss. It's 400 yards of handpainted cotton (cotton in winter? Just wait!) in shades of cranberry, hunter, navy, gold, and plum.
2. One pattern from Oat Couture for a lacy market-type bag. This is what the cotton is for, since it's heavier duty, not nearly as stretchy as wool, and more easily washed.
3. One box of chocolate scented incense.
4. One bag of chocolate covered espresso beans.
5. Postcard from where we're going :)

I hope she loves it!!

You knew it was bound to happen...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

LL Mixed Berries
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Retail therapy, that is. The gal on KR who is destashing her LL to pay off her credit cards (how can I not support such a selfless act?!) dropped her prices. So I bought some sport weight in Cranberries and Mixed Berries (she assured me they would match, too. I see a gift in those two yarns!) I also bought a skein each of Blackberry and Pewter sock yarn, eliminating that from the list. Before you go scolding, I resisted the Happy Valley Helen's Lace. I love Happy Valley! Unfortunately I need to be careful about how I spend money right now. But it seemed worth it to get yarns I wanted anyway and help out a gal in need.

I also have almost all of the pieces for my pal's really "good" gift. I want to buy her something at T.B. but I'm just not sure what. Some new DPNs? The yarn for the pattern I bought her? I just don't know. Of course I won't go into detail, but she's fun to shop for.

Just in case MY pal is wondering, her Shimmer 5 is going to good use as a sea monster in my show. I know I should use it for something for me, but it just looks so... ocean-y and organic. I'll probably frog it after the show goes down tho, and then use it for me.

By the way, I've assembled almost all of my vacation knitting now. The grey angora and pearl scarf, a pair of socks out of Jawoll (I already started these. Bad me, put down those DPNs and back away slowly!) as well as two sets of LL sock yarn and the sportweight which I think will become a bag for Mark's mom for Xmas.

Can you tell I'm counting down? Keep me in your prayers, you're all in mine.