Folk Socks Progress

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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For the moment I am ignoring the senior show fears to blog about my current knitting project, the second pair of socks from Folk Socks. It's my goal to knit every pair of socks in this book by Christmas next year. Why? Because I like finishing things and setting goals, and I've bought a lot of sock yarn in the last year. The first pair are the Latvian Lace socks in Lorna's Laces Happy Valley. I think they're going to my mom for Christmas, but right now they're on my feet. See, when I blocked them they were so inviting, with their rainbowy happiness and soft hand... *sigh*

The current pair are the english garden socks (not sure if this is the exact name). I eschewed the color changes at the top, but I may still do a colored heel if I can find some more Jawoll in a matching navy or burgundy. This yarn is sort of scratchy on the ball, by the way, but knit up it forms a springy, even fabric with stripes I just love. I'm now done with the calf decreases and am on my way to the ankle, tho I've not decided how long to make them just yet.

My next pair of socks will either be out of Knitpicks Sock Memories in Cape Cod (to try out a different yarn) or Lorna's Laces Springer.

There's just been a tornado warning so I'm going to go cower in the bathroom with my socks, even though the cat doesn't seem too upset. It is awfully windy and quiet...!