Jaeger Cranberry

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jaeger Cranberry
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It's been getting really stressful around here lately. At the moment I don't feel like talking about everything I'm trying to do and get done, so I'll just post about things I'm working on and stash additions.

I know I am on stashing overdrive because I am stressed and I seriously nest when stress takes over my life. All the cuddly yarn comforts me and makes me dream of future projects - which reminds me there is a future, and one in which I will have more time to enjoy the things I can't do right now (like knit, paint, or cook.)

Thankfully Mark has been more than accomodating about picking up more chores while I am going through this and I plan on doing something really nice for him to say thanks. Not buy something though - it's my family's way of supporting - by "gifting", but I'd like to not keep that going. I like getting gifts, I mean, but sometimes the excess of "stuff" gets to me. What should I do? He's going to a game this upcoming weekend, and though I'll be super busy, I think I'll give the apartment a good clean and get all the laundry washed for him too.

On to the stash! SInce I'll be gone in December (and my pal is too busy to search for my blog) I'll tell you guys what I got her! Plus I'm mailing it today. So she'll get it before I know it.

I got her a good one to make up for the lack thereof in December:

1. one skein of Schaeffer Laurel one-of-a-kind that I fell in love with at Threaded Bliss. It's 400 yards of handpainted cotton (cotton in winter? Just wait!) in shades of cranberry, hunter, navy, gold, and plum.
2. One pattern from Oat Couture for a lacy market-type bag. This is what the cotton is for, since it's heavier duty, not nearly as stretchy as wool, and more easily washed.
3. One box of chocolate scented incense.
4. One bag of chocolate covered espresso beans.
5. Postcard from where we're going :)

I hope she loves it!!


bradyphrenia said...

a-ha! i found you. yay, google. it didn't even take me as long as i thought--i only went through about 8 "A"s on the participants list, then gave up and decided to search. now i can catch up on everything you've been up to!