stash update!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

jaeger Chamonix
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I forgot one thing - what I actually got stash-wise!

Cross your fingers for me please, I contacted a girl about purchasing her 10 balls Chamonix. I LOVE angora so I don't mind paying the (already inexpensive) price. The color is Marseille, a pale blue-grey, and I plan to make Cranberry (the sweater below) out of it. However, I am one ball short so I may make the belt and color with one ball of Orleans.

I also bought four balls of "ice blue" angora/wool on ebay. Too late did I realize it's angora GOAT (mohair) not angora RABBIT. If nothing else I'll hold two strands together and make a bag if it's truly scratchy. (1200 yards for $16. How could it not be?)

Of course, the previously mentioned Lorna's Laces, but you gals will be so proud of me - I ended up only buying the sportweight, saving about $14.

Last but certainly not least, I bought a two-pound cone of Brora Softspun from Webs. Mark really wants the ribbed man sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and I ran out of yarn for Saranac. (I can't win lately..!) so, I bought this yarn, 1900 yards to be SURE I had enough, to make it for him. I bought the chocolate color, if you're curious. It should be here on the 10th so I'll make sure to post a picture and a post-washing swatch so you'll know if it's a good buy!!

And believe it or not, there has been knitting going on, just lots of "sea creatures" for the show. I plan on doing a mass post once I get the bag for my class assembled today tho. What I've finished this last two weeks total: one pair of LL socks in Happy Valley, one hat from LL Worsted Bittersweet, and several creatures. Maybe I'll go the Pluckyfluff Nozzlers route and sell them after the fact.