You knew it was bound to happen...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

LL Mixed Berries
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Retail therapy, that is. The gal on KR who is destashing her LL to pay off her credit cards (how can I not support such a selfless act?!) dropped her prices. So I bought some sport weight in Cranberries and Mixed Berries (she assured me they would match, too. I see a gift in those two yarns!) I also bought a skein each of Blackberry and Pewter sock yarn, eliminating that from the list. Before you go scolding, I resisted the Happy Valley Helen's Lace. I love Happy Valley! Unfortunately I need to be careful about how I spend money right now. But it seemed worth it to get yarns I wanted anyway and help out a gal in need.

I also have almost all of the pieces for my pal's really "good" gift. I want to buy her something at T.B. but I'm just not sure what. Some new DPNs? The yarn for the pattern I bought her? I just don't know. Of course I won't go into detail, but she's fun to shop for.

Just in case MY pal is wondering, her Shimmer 5 is going to good use as a sea monster in my show. I know I should use it for something for me, but it just looks so... ocean-y and organic. I'll probably frog it after the show goes down tho, and then use it for me.

By the way, I've assembled almost all of my vacation knitting now. The grey angora and pearl scarf, a pair of socks out of Jawoll (I already started these. Bad me, put down those DPNs and back away slowly!) as well as two sets of LL sock yarn and the sportweight which I think will become a bag for Mark's mom for Xmas.

Can you tell I'm counting down? Keep me in your prayers, you're all in mine.