Utterly Charmed

Monday, January 29, 2007

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I've been trying to wear down the stash, you know, so when I saw a design perfect for a yarn I already had (Suri Merino in a heathered blue-green-violet color) I just jumped in. This is one sleeve of Charm, from Rowan's book, "Classic Style." At first I was afraid the design wouldn't pop much in the soft alpaca (and man, is it soft.) but check it out! It does! I also love the trim pattern used on the cuffs, hem, and front bands. Doesn't this pattern make you think of a creekbed, choked with leafy growth? Anyway, I'll be at this one a while as it's knit on small needles (2 & 5) has cabling and shaping-ish, and will have to be seamed (UGH!)

I've also been at my spinning a little bit. It's so tempting to buy up lots of fiber now that my wheel is fixed (didn't know it was broken, didja? Well, the wheel was on backwards and now it spins much better, heh.)! But, rather than stuffing more and more fluff under the bed, I've got an in/out deal with myself. Spin 8 oz? Buy 8 more, if you want or need it at the time. I've got 4 more oz. of this to spin and then I'm all over the sock roving I got from Crown Mountain Farms in a colorway that is totally perfect for me! (I'll show it to you then. If I can't look at it yet, neither can you. ;)

My first 2007 FO

Friday, January 26, 2007

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The title above isn't strictly true. I also finished an Argosy scarf for the grandma. But the Silk Garden Lite didn't soften nearly as much as the regular, used in Klaralund, so I'm debating what to do with it. Certainly not send it to my sensitive gran! ANYWAY.

This little number is really comfy, and unlike most sweaters, I can wear it right against the skin. It isn't itchy on me, but then, it's only 10% wool and all the sticks and stuff fell out in my sink (apparently. You should have seen that water... nasty and full of crap. Like a farm pond!) I knit the body in the round (I like the thinner stripes.) and the sleeves up to the extended garter portion. I actually got out my finishing book(s), looked through them, hemmed and hawed because no one really explains sewing garter/stst rib to garter sideways and then just tossed them all on the shelf and sewed the damn thing my own way. It looks neat, you can't see it, so who cares if it isn't "right." ;)
I did also finish some socks, but as I'm planning on submitting them, no pictures for you. Sorry!

Next up: We got Favorite Socks from Interweave in at the shop. I'd been wanting to knit some socks out of the Regia Bamboo I got at Angel Hair (hi gals!) but not too boring (stst) but obviously the variegated nature wouldn't work with a lot of patterning. So, I'm doing the Retro Rib socks, which have cool little blocks within the ribs. I'll show you later. I did go down to an 0 for the ankle and foot, since they look baggy in the photos and I really hate baggy socks. I really, really love this yarn. It's soft, and incredibly squooshy (like Pure Merino, or Aurora 8, etc.) and has all that yummy bamboo fiber in it. And you can put it in the tumble dryer! It says it right there on the label! (Tho I do like seeing a rainbow of socks lined up on my towel bar... and over the shower... and over the bedpost... you know.)


Monday, January 15, 2007

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Sorry about the absence; I attended (er, was working during) the Spin-In at the Knaughty Knitter on Saturday. Since then, it's been all spinning, all the time here. My first skein was sort of ratty-looking; the barberpole-ing was pretty, but the singles themselves were very uneven. This was round two, with the Fiber Denn's Merino Superwash in colorway Maple. (And psst, knottygnome, this company also made the roving I sent you. Just sayin'.)

Anyway, the singles were definitely the most even I've ever spun, and I'm very proud of the resulting yarn. It still has some thick spots, but man, is it ever soft and pretty! It's not even dry yet; I expect it to be even fluffier and puffier when dry. But, I'd only had 4 oz. to play with, and have used that all up now, so I've moved on to something a little more... generous. Specifically, a giant ball of roving from the same company in the "Surf" colorway (also bought at the fiber festival) which is a gorgeous blend of aqua, lime, and grassy green. I'll show you some of that tomorrow. ;)

In the Inbox

Friday, January 05, 2007

In the Inbox
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That's the only good thing about slow mail during the holidays; things you order for yourself before KFYS (Knit From Your Stash) don't arrive until after! These 15 balls of Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran (told you I loved her yarn!) came from knittingzone.com, though I don't see it anymore so perhaps I bought it all. Anyway, it's intended for the Cardigan for Arwen knitalong -
Here's the actual sweater from Interweave (scan by rocketsc1ent1st). Doesn't it look pretty and comfy, perfect for running errands without looking homeless? (Also, I'm imagining this with the garnet drop earrings I have, and the new red hair! Possibly on a date!)

Klaralund is still trucking along, but I'll save you any pictures of stockinette in the round, or at least til there are more color repeats. My dad ordered the complete Nero Wolfe tv series on DVD, and you can bet anything I'll be watching those every night til they're exhausted. Maury Chaykin IS Nero Wolfe in my book, even if Timothy Hutton has a bit too much "flair" for me. (Also, Lily Rowan looks a lot like Charlotte from Sex in the City.)


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I was in dire need of something easy, that I could knit on at the shop and wouldn't require any fussing. My other current WIP, Charm, does not fit the bill at all, what with her increasing and cabling and such. I dug 8 balls of Silk Garden out of the stash (thanks, Leslie!) and cast on. I really hate seaming, and this yarn doesn't seem like it takes well to any sort of abuse, so I decided after completing the garter edging and a few rows of st st to join the front and back. I know it'll make the stripes thinner, but I'm okay with that. I'm thinking of a comfortable, pretty sweater that I love to wear so let's hope it comes out as such!

At the mo' I'm looking for a M-F job so I can maintain my lessons on Sunday and work at the LYS on Saturday. Thankfully Meredith and Doyle have been really supportive and helpful! And no, anonymous rude commenter, I am not looking into retail. :P