In the Inbox

Friday, January 05, 2007

In the Inbox
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That's the only good thing about slow mail during the holidays; things you order for yourself before KFYS (Knit From Your Stash) don't arrive until after! These 15 balls of Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran (told you I loved her yarn!) came from, though I don't see it anymore so perhaps I bought it all. Anyway, it's intended for the Cardigan for Arwen knitalong -
Here's the actual sweater from Interweave (scan by rocketsc1ent1st). Doesn't it look pretty and comfy, perfect for running errands without looking homeless? (Also, I'm imagining this with the garnet drop earrings I have, and the new red hair! Possibly on a date!)

Klaralund is still trucking along, but I'll save you any pictures of stockinette in the round, or at least til there are more color repeats. My dad ordered the complete Nero Wolfe tv series on DVD, and you can bet anything I'll be watching those every night til they're exhausted. Maury Chaykin IS Nero Wolfe in my book, even if Timothy Hutton has a bit too much "flair" for me. (Also, Lily Rowan looks a lot like Charlotte from Sex in the City.)