Utterly Charmed

Monday, January 29, 2007

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I've been trying to wear down the stash, you know, so when I saw a design perfect for a yarn I already had (Suri Merino in a heathered blue-green-violet color) I just jumped in. This is one sleeve of Charm, from Rowan's book, "Classic Style." At first I was afraid the design wouldn't pop much in the soft alpaca (and man, is it soft.) but check it out! It does! I also love the trim pattern used on the cuffs, hem, and front bands. Doesn't this pattern make you think of a creekbed, choked with leafy growth? Anyway, I'll be at this one a while as it's knit on small needles (2 & 5) has cabling and shaping-ish, and will have to be seamed (UGH!)

I've also been at my spinning a little bit. It's so tempting to buy up lots of fiber now that my wheel is fixed (didn't know it was broken, didja? Well, the wheel was on backwards and now it spins much better, heh.)! But, rather than stuffing more and more fluff under the bed, I've got an in/out deal with myself. Spin 8 oz? Buy 8 more, if you want or need it at the time. I've got 4 more oz. of this to spin and then I'm all over the sock roving I got from Crown Mountain Farms in a colorway that is totally perfect for me! (I'll show it to you then. If I can't look at it yet, neither can you. ;)


Jen said...

You spun that yarn? It's gorgeous! Wow! Love the colors.