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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I used slightly less than 5 balls, on size 3 & 5 needles; it took almost exactly a week. =) The color is true on my monitor, it's "Crush" (bought from Elann last week for a song!)
Dates: June 28 to July 4 (4 am!)
Pattern: Cool Vest from RYC Classic Style, modified to knit in the round, using 3 needle bindoff on shoulders.
Yarn: 5 balls Rowan Cashsoft DK for 36" size

Pattern notes: Both the yarn and the ribbed pattern are very stretchy; if I make a similar vest, I should make it the next smaller size to incorporate some negative ease. It does fit, but it definitely looks better over a button-up rather than a t-shirt, etc.

Next up:

Beginnings of Quidditch Sweater (Ravenclaw)

A Ravenclaw Quidditch sweater from this pattern. I'd like to be able to wear it to the book release party in two weeks, and I think, barring any unseen circumstances, I can do it. Why Ravenclaw? I had the yarn for it! ;) Specifically, Rowan Wool Cotton in Poster Blue, a nice dark royal; I'll be hopping over to Angel Hair today to get the contrasting pale gray color. Not to mention the maroon/gold combo would look really gross on me, and I'd like a sweater I can wear "undercover" and not be recognized as a huge HP dork when I'd rather not. This yarn has been marinating for quite a while, so I'm happy that it finally has a destination.


bradyphrenia said...

cute vest! i always forget about vests--i like them, but don't seem to ever wear one.

nice use of the wool cotton too. nothing like being HP incognito. :-)