Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I am a sucker for sales. Especially sales that involve laceweight kid mohair/silk blends. In many colors that I love. Especially blue-green. It doesn't matter to me that I already own Baby Kid Extra in glorious white, or Kidsilk Haze in Trance. Madil Kid Seta is clearly a slightly different yarn, and it's on sale.

I don't like knitting mohair. But I LOVE the chubby little balls of the stuff, and I KEEP BUYING IT. BY THE TRUCKLOAD. You do not want to know how much laceweight I have. Do I love to knit lace? Yes. But not with mohair.

Yet... it would work so perfectly for the lace poncho in Wrap Style... and this delicious pearl grey could be held along with my LACEWEIGHT ANGORA THAT I NEVER SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT WAS SO @()$&!&$ EXPENSIVE. Why can my brain not see that I am going on vacation! I know I am getting yarn vouchers for every conceivable yarn shop! I do not have extra money to spend. Yet... here I am... fighting the shakes that come with not buying laceweight for almost a week.

It is a sickness. I vow to never turn anyone on to knitting again. ESPECIALLY lace knitting. *grumbles*


bradyphrenia said...

for me it's sock yarn. i feel your pain. it truly is a sickness. but here's hoping you won't get well too soon. :-) that wouldn't be any fun.

btw, did you see the sale on rowan biggy print and jaeger chamonix at WEBS? i just ordered some chamonix to make a bulky cardigan.

Bronwyn said...

I already have ten balls of Chamonix... though I could use some more in "Rouen" as I love a good yellow and it is SO soft. It truly is like knitting with popcorn...

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with buying kidsilks...but I seem to have the patience to get things done with them, so do please just pop your extras up on ebay, where I promise someone, perhaps me, will snap it up. And use the proceeds to get something good and chunky.