Monday, April 03, 2006

Originally uploaded by The Prolific Knitter.
This sweater has been dogging me since OCTOBER 2005. That is pretty bad! Anyway, I finished it this morning and once it's dry (tomorrow?) it'll go to the alterations shop to get an olive green zipper put in. I have to admit, I am proud of this thing... the yarn softened up considerably when washed too! I will say, the water was SO DIRTY when I blocked it, that I had to rinse 3-4 times just to get it clean. It took most of a cone of Brora Softspun bought at Webs for about $30 including shipping.

I'll have some modeled shots in couple days. Now I just have to deal with the bewilderment that comes with finishing a project...!


bradyphrenia said...

ooh, congrats! wow, i can't believe you made a man-sized sweater.