Schaefer summer sweater T

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

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I followed the pattern for the Anthropologie Capelet (at peonyknits, just google it) down to where you slip the sleeve stitches onto a holder. I then joined the body (where the 'v' is) and knit around, keeping the YO detail down the sides to give me a convenient place to increase.

It's very comfortable, and not as thin as most cotton sweaters. It'll definitely help regulate the temperature for me at knitting groups, where I seem to rocket from cold to hot and back again constantly.

I used two full skeins of Schaefer Laurel (I have two more in this color, if someone wants to swap) which were 225g each, so I used up 450g for this sweater. I did buy one ball of Silkroad Aran at my LYS the other night, but it was needed for a project I'll be casting on soon.

I'm getting down to the wire on three gifts I need to have done by the end of September - two going away gifts for my best friends who are moving to Los Angeles (a pair of socks for him [worsted weight] and a shawl or something for her.) I also want to knit my niece a present, since she LOVES everything I've ever knitted for her! :) (She actually screamed when my sister tried to take a dress I made off. I think that is so cute... maybe not so to my sis, though!)


Stacey said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous sweater/tshirt - I love how you modified it. :)

bradyphrenia said...

ooh very cute. it looks so comfy!

theSteph said...

I love your sweater! I've made the anthropologie capelet before, too. Never thought to keep going in the round... You must be a really fast knitter! I love it. You should show a pic of the eyelets down the side if you have a chance. :) I may be asking you for direction in the near future, because this sweater may be just what I'm looking for to use up some of my stash. Bravo!