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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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I was so proud of myself for making a spreadsheet (yes, I finally figured it out!) with all my WIPs (7 of them, sigh.) that I did a little online shopping. Nothing crazy, but something I had been wanting for a while. I had 8 balls of Elann Baby Silk in Raspberry, and while I loved the yarn, I made the mistake of seeing that new stock would be up in *gasp* a gorgeous purple! Now, I am on a purple kick ya'll. Purple and butter yellow. There was no yellow, but there was this cute pattern (sans buttons *shudder*) and it was the right weight, and there are 8 patterns for $1.50! The rest of them aren't my style, but my mom would no doubt like one of them. So anyway, 10 balls of Lotus Blossom and 1 ball of Parchment are winging their way towards me to make this cute top. :)

I also saw that is having a sale, including... drumroll please... koigu! It's KPM only, but that's what I wanted so I am too pleased. I restrained myself to enough for 1 pair of socks, in a lovely robin's egg blue color.

(What about the no-yarn rule, you say? Well, when one is breaking up, one is entitled to be a little more spendy than usual to calm the nerves. This also extends to the dance lessons I signed up for and the fact that I ate out alone last night.)

My mom is taking me out to lunch so I won't get much knitting time til after that, and you won't see my progress til tomorrow! But it's purple, laceweight, and very nearly done already. *happy sigh* (Oh. And it is out of my stash...!)


Annie said...

I saw that sale & I was proud that I resisted. Even though it's hard for me to find solid koigu. It's such a great price too. Hmmm...I may have to go back just to look. :)

The Knitty Gritty