Not much physical progress...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

But mentally, a lot. I finished one sleeve of Mark's sweater, added it to the body, and got about 1/3 through the 2nd one today. I also returned a 4-month-overdue library book, paid the fine, did laundry, washed dishes, sewed new buttons onto Mark's cardigan, and arranged to have my diploma sent to my parents house rather than mine. I even took mark out to lunch since I was on campus (sushi and orange fanta, if you're curious.)

Right now I'm looking into doing some artist residencies. It's paid travel, and you give them the work you create (sometimes) or get a stipend (sometimes). Either way, a good way to get away for a while. I still want to go to San Diego sometime soon, and Jiyeon (my best college pal) invited me to come to Chicago. Plus I think we are still taking a trip to Asheville together... not sure on that one.

All the rest is the same. I spend my time satisfied and deeply in love, or miserable and ready to pack my bags and go. The prospect of basically living in a guest bedroom after having lived on my own is so unappealing that it overcomes my desire to leave right now (hence the constant travel.)

I'm hoping to get the sweater done by this weekend so he can take it on a rugby trip. We'll see...