New York, New York

Monday, July 03, 2006

So my mom and dad visited on Sunday! They took me out to Don Pablo's, where the waiter was super cool and knew all the dishes that were veggie/vegan, even though he wasn't himself. That's unusual in a small town like M'boro. Anyway, I have never been to New York, despite the fact that some family lives there and my mom grew up there. But now she's decided she wants to go over Thanksgiving, or pretty close anyway, and has decided to take me. YEAH!! She even brought me a NY travel guide, tho I'm trying to find one for ALL the art museums and things as I'm sure there are tons.

I've not felt like knitting lately. Last night I got blitzed for the first (and last) time. I hate throwing up and I threw up all morning. I hate drinking other than with a meal, and will never do that again!


Anonymous said...

Pal, where are you? Please update! I want to hear how things are going!!