Monday, July 17, 2006

So, Governor's School is over. The paycheck is about halved, since I used some of it to pay down my old cc bill (from college. *sigh*) Now it is down to about $200, which I think I can pay off pretty easily by doing odd jobs here and there. BUT, the best part? My parents told me they did not want me to work right now. At all. (I have never been without a job for the last 8 years!) I have 3-4 months of uninterrupted knitting time. Which is good, since I have a massive stash. The only bad thing is not having my own money coming in. I am still teaching privately on the side, which is about $20-30 a week, and I think Meredith at the Knaughty Knitter will need my help from time to time as well. Either way, the remainder of my summer paycheck will go unspent til I go to NY in November. (Flying Fingers and MOMA bookstore, here I come!)

Since I'll be making so little money, I figured it would be a good time to stashalong. The mod of that list is on vacation, but that won't stop me! Here's a list of OTN and upcoming projects featuring stash yarn:

OTN: Pam (towards the bottom) from Rowan 30 in Rowan Wool Cotton (Poster Blue). I LOVE this yarn; it is SO soft and squooshy. I've started on the sleeve, to get used to all the cable patterns, but thus far no problems. Two repeats above the cuff. I know this project will take a while, but if I take TOO long I'll get lost and stuck and never finish it. I'm shooting to have it done and assembled in time for winter (late september/october down here.)

Two pairs of socks are in progress right now. One is Fleece Artist Merino in Wildflower. I'd reccomend this seller for all your FL sock yarn needs. She ships faster than anyone else I've used, and her shipping is comparatively cheap! The other pair is in Jojoland fingering. It stripes similarly to Noro, so you must give up the idea of matching socks. But that's never been a problem for me!

I've got a few projects laid out to start when I finish something else. I guess I do like to have a couple things going at once - usually socks and something else - so for socks, I have a choice of Great Adirondack Soxie in Rosewood (no picture, but it's a beautiful colorway of plum, blue, chocolate and cream), Opal Petticoat in 1291, and some varying shades of KPM and KPPPM. I have some other Opal and things too, but I prefer softer sock yarn! ;) I haven't counted, but I imagine I have sock yarn for about 15 pairs.

As for other projects? The Icarus shawl in some kind of mohair (I have many kinds and colors, though I'm leaning towards white KSH for an angelic look), matching sweaters for my niece and nephew out of All Seasons Cotton, a ruffled, beaded scarf from KSH, a tank top from some cashsoft 4ply... and that's just the beginning.

Like the stashalong, I'll be allowing myself one free day a month. This month I'm saving for when I'm in Portland (no sales tax). But I'm looking for certain things, since money's tight. Koigu to add to my collection (I hope to make a sweater or shawl from odds and ends) and 2 balls KSH in blushes for aforementioned scarf. THis entry's getting long, so I'll go, but I'll be back with pictures of all the things I knit during Governor's School!