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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

silk scarf
Originally uploaded by The Prolific Knitter.
Yesterday I picked up my loom from Pam. It's a Schacht 45" floor loom, and it is beeyootiful. Many of its necessary dressin's are still off though, so you get no picutre for the time being!

I will give you a picture of my very first weaving. Isn't it pretty? I wove (weaved?) it on one of those Ashford knitter looms while at work a previous Saturday. The warp is Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock in Gray's Corner, the weft (the bit that goes back and forth) is a combination of Tilli Tomas silk in Atmosphere, Posh Yarns' silk boucle in Berrylicious, and Alchemy Haiku in Hush. It is so pretty, so unabashedly girly, and it has a luscious, silky smell. Plus, just imagine the feel. Like water over smooth river stones.


Anonymous said...

Your weaving that you 'wove or weaved' looks great. Have fun with your new loom. See you tomorrow at The Knaughty Knitter.