Lorna's Laces Envy (pickle)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Whee, I finished two pairs' worth this past week. I'm nearly done with the first sock of another pair for my grandma - I finally decided to just knit a child's pattern and hope that fits her itty little frame!

I returned the rental car yesterday and my own car should be ready today. I haven't been feeling well physically so I haven't been doing much, including knitting. For some reason my back muscles are very tight all the time, so all I want to do is take painkillers and sleep. I have the first massage soon so I am hoping that will alleviate the tension. I have been going to the gym & park, I'm able to run further now, but still not the full mile. But rather than quit after 1 mile of run/walk, I've been doing 2 or 3. It's easy to get myself to do one... then I just tell myself it is a waste of time to drive all the way over there and then just leave again. I'm happy to see that my local gym is now offering classes. I haven't been using my membership much, but now I definitely will! ('free' yoga class, here I come!)