I have been real bad with the blogging, I know.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

swallowtail shawl
Originally uploaded by The Prolific Knitter.
But I have a few reasons:

1. I am working on a lot of gift projects. For people who know how to use the internet.

2. My life is more of the same right now - just imagine me talking about job-hunting and knitting. (You can also imagine me watching Cartoon Network all evening, which I've never told you that I do that. But I do. Especially Camp Lazlo, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Danny Phantom [though he's on Nickelodeon.])

3. I am still working on losing weight, but to keep myself from becoming obsessed with numbers and pouring my frustration into counting every.single.calorie, I only weight every Saturday. Therefore, poundage news only once a week!

But this little number, this shawl, is a gift for someone who never reads this blog, mostly because if she is online, she is running her Ebay business and playing Bejeweled. She has no time for silly pointless pursuits like nosily reading her daughter's blog! ;)

You recognize the pattern, I'm sure, but if not, it's the Swallowtail shawl. Very, very easy and good tv knitting. It's in Karabella Vintage Cotton, which is one of the most beautiful cottons I have ever seen, EVER. It has a real sheen, and the coffee bean color is just perfect for her java-loving self. It took exactly 3 balls, 140 yards each, and I'm planning on making another one just because they're so darned easy. =)

edited to add (because I am a dumbass and forgot): I got my second secret pal package!!! Generally when I get yarn-related mail, I don't open it til I finish the project at hand, to ensure fidelity to my knitted partnership. So, I finished off the shawl and opened it up. Three skeins of Cascade Sierra (and 80/20 cotton/wool blend) in a lovely cornflower blue color nestled in the box, along with a shamrock pin (prolly shouldn't have waited to open it, heh, but I'll wear it next year) and a really cute card with a bunny on it. YAY! I took some pictures, but the yarn kept coming out a gray/brown/eggplant color (NO idea why..!) so I gave up. THANK YOU, PAL! It will soon be transformed into a little baby thing. ;)


Kris said...

Your swallowtail shawl is beautiful.