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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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The Rowan Calmer sweater was coming out totally unstretchy, so out it came. In its place, a flattering little cardigan jacket in a dark forest green color. I do have a funny story about "forest green."

We all know kids have strong opinions about things that are often sort of... well... unimportant, really. They don't have causes to get up at arms over at 5 years old, but they want to have an opinion on something, and it usually ends up being totally weird. One of my students was choosing colors for a project (a rainbow polar bear, if you're curious) and kept pulling out green after green. Each time she'd pull out a green, whether it was leaf, lime, chartreuse, moss, olive, etc, she would say "Is this forest green?" And I'd say not really, and start looking for a forest green, thinking that's what she was wanting. Finally, after getting out ALL the greens, she said in a very firm voice, "I can't use forest green. I HATE forest green!" Never mind that she had at least two or three greens that could fall under the "forest" label. I don't think she really knew what it meant, but she sure felt strongly about it. I admit, I laughed about it later.

Anyway, a simple, in-the-round cardigan with seed stitch edgings and bands and a nice, nipped in waist to keep the dumpy look at bay. And may I just say, that with all this gym time lately, I actually am developing some muscles?! Soon I will be a smokin' cardi-wearin' hot mama, with bandaids on every finger because I still cannot let go of the wool. It is bad for me. It gives me a rash, and the medicine thins my heart muscle (slowly, but still) and "helps" me gain weight. If only cotton sweaters provided the same hugging effect... I'd never need rash-causing wool again!


alltangledup said...

i love all greens, especially forest, limes and sages. That's going to be a beautiful cardi.