Plymouth Suri Merino, Koigu, and sweater sleeve

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I haven't posted a picture in a while, and I apologize. I didn't have any batteries and also was feeling like crap. On a side note, is it just me, or is everyone having a crap month this month? Death, illness, pet death, moving, breakups, divorces... they seem to be abounding right now. I hope it turns around for everyone who's struggling right now (including me, because I'm selfish that way.)

Anyway, that dark blob on the right is the first sleeve of Mark's sweater (yes, I'm finishing it. I can't imagine sitting and attaching all that emotion to an innocent cone of yarn. Better to attach it to the sweater!) I am working hard on it so that I can move on to... dum dum dum... a sweater out of that gee-orgeous Plymouth Suri Merino. It's a relatively new color, a butter yellow, and the yarn was so inexpensive (got it on sale, thank you Knaughty Knitter! I need to get two more balls somewhere, since I want to lengthen the sleeves.

And on the far left, we have Bronwyn's Be-Still-My-Heart sweater. In short, my mood lately has been downright brokenhearted, the sort of "I will never trust again, how can you do this to me, wait, I love you, no, get out of my life" sort of mood. To battle that, I am knitting a sweater out of koigu. Sadly, my LYS did not have enough of the same dyelot, so I was thinking of doing stripes of coordinating colors around the hem, cuffs, and sleeves. Annie to the rescue! I emailed to enquire if she'd part with some of her yarny babies, as I knew she had an overload of koigu. Well, wouldn't you know that honey-hearted gal traded me not only her pinkish leftovers which coordinated beautifully, but also, two fulls balls of the pink that you see there! (I only had to untangle one, and it took maybe 45 minutes.) Now, I'm not one to wax poetic about gifts. And I know I gave her some Kidsilk Haze and some other secrety things which she will receive soon. But let's be honest folks; I need this sweater. Not like a person needs food, but like a very sad person needs a hug. Not only did she facilitate a hug I can wear, but when I do wear it I'll be reminded of Annie and of everyone else I've met via blogland who have been kind, or thoughtful, or just sent a nice email when I was down. So thanks for that, and I'll be photographing that sweater when it gets started because it's everyone's child now, and I want you all to see it grow. :)


Annie said...

I'm so embarrassed about that tangled mess of yarn I sent! It only took you 45 minutes to wind? I'm sorry!

What do you think of the colors? Do they work for you?