I am beginning to think I have psychic powers...

Friday, June 09, 2006

I am a little freaked out by recent goings-on; I'm stuck for a month in a steaming dorm with 25 14-year-old girls! One of them is apparently "addicted" (her dad's words) to oranges and eats five pounds of oranges a day. I can't leave the kids at all, lest they start smoking or having sex with each other or possibly skipping stupid social dances to read books instead. (I was not exaggerating about the five pounds of oranges. This girl eats more than 10 oranges a day.)

Anyway, lest I think life is sucking too much, I just remember all the weird coincidences that have occured in the last couple days. First of all, I cannot spend any money. But with all the summer sales of yarn, I would be completely daft if I thought I could avoid it altogether. So I made a deal with myself: only things for my secret pal, OR if I found a cashmere/silk blend on sale for a good price. I passed on the Trilly (50% of $35 per ball is still too pricey for me!) BUT, THE SAME DAY, LIKE 20 MINUTES LATER, I get an email from Posh Yarn that they have a sale page. Well, for $30 (including shipping) I got 2200 yards of cashmere/silk. In a color I like. How crazy is that, right??

I complained inwardly about having to shell out $150 to back up my laptop and replace the charger. Miraculously, the charger appeared in my mother's luggage (no idea why it would be there. It's been lost for almost 2 mos. now..) AND they apple store forgot to charge me for the dvd backup. HA. FREAKIN'. HA. If they think I'm going back to pay it, they're morons. XD

AND on my last day of freedom (see above orange girl and others) I remembered it was employee discount days at the B&N. My employment expires tomorrow, and my discount was an extra 10%. So despite my bitching over having nothing to read, I now have 2 magazines and 4 books to read. (1 knitting book, of course!)

Now if only Mark's trip was cancelled and he had the burning desire to spend the whole evening fawning over me, it would be perfect. I guess I should wait by the phone ;P