To the Is-land

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just dropping in quickly to tell you I finished another pair of socks, my Opal Petticoats in colorway 1297. Of course, no picture (no camera). But the're on display at the Knaughty Knitter til I leave Murfreesboro in July (too hot to wear them right now).

I also started a pair in JoJoland's fingering weight pink/blue mix. I have mixed feelings about this yarn; it is soft for an all-wool sock yarn; the colors stripe nicely, and the pattern shows well because the color changes are slow and subtle. BUT, the two balls are VASTLY different. I wish I could take a picture. One has lots of a purpley-blue and a peach; the other is mostly yellow and minty green. It isn't just the stripe sequence, one is also much brighter than the other. I think if I were to order from them (and I would, it's nice yarn and only $7 per ball) I would specifically request two balls that are the same dye lot. Unfortunately I threw away the labels for these so I don't know if they match or not lot-wise, but I am guessing NO.

I went to the library (see, being cheap!) and checked out two Agatha Christie novels (I read one a day. It's an expensive hobby.) and checked out a copy of Janet Frame's To the Is-Land. I am only 10 pages in and fascinated. I would tell you more, but I want to get to the KK and buy a needle before they close. Later!