Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Zephyr scarf
Originally uploaded by The Prolific Knitter.

I'm sorry I neglected my poor blog for so long. My only excuse is that I am working on so many things at once, nothing seems to ever be "finished" and I get sorta tired of progress pics. BUT, I finished something yesterday, and have two events coming up, so there's plenty og blog fodder in the near future!

I knit this scarf over a few days when I saw that my favorite author, Laurie R King, was doing a signing here in Nashville. I LOVE her Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes books, and her new one looked pretty interesting too. There was no way I'd miss her signing! Anyway, I went along to Davis Kidd and got there a bit early. I'm glad I did, because there were quite a few people there! Thankfully their restaurant serves food and alcohol, so I was able to get a Guiness (though the bottled kind. Eugh) and somethin' to eat while I waited. I did bring along a sock I've been knitting, since the angora shrug is now just needing some shaping and I can't pay attention to both author and knitting. There were actually several people there who knit, but I was the only one who had actually brought mine.
Laurie was lovely, and an interesting and funny speaker. I'd never read any of her other series, but having heard her talk about them, I'll definitely have to read Folly and The Art of Detection. (I will always be a staunch Russell fan, so excuse my slight disappointment that I'll be waiting two years for the next book.)
She did sign my knitting bag (obviously a first request of that type, heh heh) AND spelled my name correctly without any help whatsoever! Yay Laurie!

I'll be moving into the dorms for 5 weeks on Friday to teach Governor's School. If I don't have internet there, my posts may be more sporadic, but I promise at LEAST once a week. ;)