Consumer Friendly Yarns

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

While I might disagree with the classification "Unfriendly" for companies that require keystone pricing (refusing continual discounting below a certain percentage, if at all) I do find this list handy. A new blog is available listing companies and whether or not they have keystone pricing on their yarns. To some, this is important in their purchasing decisions; for me, it is only one factor. I prefer a company that allows retailers to charge what they can legitimately afford, but I also don't expect my LYS a few minutes away in an upscale neighborhood with nice lighting and helpful folks to charge the same low price. I'm okay with paying more for the camraderie and assistance. Anyway, here's the blog:Consumer Friendly Yarns. What do you think of all this? In a way, having access to the information is comforting - if I decide to get passionate about this, I like that it's available. On the other hand, isn't it illegal to disclose contractual information like that? I don't know the LEAST about legal matters, I'll admit. But I don't want someone to get in trouble doing the rest of us a favor (or trying to, anyway.)


Deborah said...

Good information, thanks!

Check out Sturdygirl's site, she reseached cruelty free wool.

bradyphrenia said...

thanks for the head's up on the rowan mag. i'll keep my eyes open. and thanks also for the compliments on the simplicity top.

you should really take the plunge into sewing. it's a lot easier than it looks and so rewarding!