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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

While reading through the link that a commenter provided ( Cruelty Free Yarns) I discovered something that made me very happy - that Alchemy is run by vegetarians, who put a lot of effort into using only enviromentally-safe dyes, cruelty-free wool, and doesn't buy from companies that use sweatshop labor. Any one of those is admirable, but all of it together (plus the yarn is gorgeous, have you seen that stuff in real life?!) is amazing. I emailed to tell them how much I appreciate it when companies go the extra mile (or ten) like they have, and this is the response I got:

Here at alchemy we recieve emails from so many nice,
cool people. Howver, you are the first person who has
EVER written to speak to our vegetarian/cruelty-free
stance. I don't make alot of noise about it - even
though I wish I did sometimes, because every
vegan/vegetarian I know feels passionately about that
choice. And we work so hard to make cruelty-free
fibre, researching the farms in varying countries
where the animals live, and working only with small
farms that have real relationships with their animals;
we use eco-friendly dyes; and we do not buy from
China. I know we can get cheap prices there, as most
manufacturers do, but I cannot condone the labor
practices that are employed in mills and other means
of yarn production. So there is the whole human
rights piece, as well.

Thank you for telling me it matters to someone else.
You truly made my day. Unfortunately, my computer is
acting very persnickety tonight, and I cannot log on
to either of the links you kindly sent. I am very
eager to see your work, and will let you know when I
do log on successfully (I have a rahter wacky

thank you again for your kindness and compassion in
writing - and please, do spread the word. I know
there are more of us out there who care!!

So here I am, making noise for them :) I know that Alchemy is pricey and not everyone can afford it. But I know WHY now... all of those things cost money. So while I can't use Alchemy for everything, even though I'd love to, I can still use it for SOME things and pass along the good news and good feelings! (BTW, I bought the yarn above myself. I don't work for them or know them personally. Just FYI!)


Deborah said...

Wow!!!! I'll have to link this response to my blog. Great work!

Ducktastic said...

That's so cool! Like Deborah said, I'd like to mention this on my blog if that's all right with you. I've always drooled over Alchemy, so it's good to hear that they have such awesome policies!

And DAMN but that's gorgeous yarn. :)