I jumped in!

Monday, October 30, 2006

I finally jumped in and applied for a job I've been waffling over, and emailed a guy about an apartment for rent. At the moment I'm lacking in funds, but hopefully new job + destash sale will give me a enough to pay it all comfortably. I will never again get into a position where I can't afford for someone to move out, so I've been really patient about trying to find what I need AND what I can afford. Most important? Cool roommate (OBVIOUSLY), big windows, storage space, and being able to paint my bedroom. I hate white walls, I'll never do that again unless desperate!

I don't want to say too much about the job I applied for, since I sorta believe in jinxing. But it's perfect for my abilities, and though I don't want to be in retail forever, it's certainly the best retail job I can think of for me! Anyway, cross your fingers for me. I'm wondering though... what do you wear to an interview with a corporate-owned art store? Some places seem to love the piercings and wild hair (not that I have either) and others are strictly business. What have you seen people wearing at these places?


bradyphrenia said...

i would say look professional but with a slight artsy edge.

i once applied for a job (a very different kind of job from what you are looking at but anyway) and i wore a navy blue suit and a funky patterned shirt.

i'd say the more dressed down version of that.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

you in retail is a frightening thought indeed

let us know where so i can avoid going there