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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I finally took a dive and tried out toe-up socks. I've always admired the convenience of being able to use all the yarn you have (I have so many oddballs, ugh.) but I really do not like Magic Loop or Two Circs... I wasn't really invested enough in the idea to try a "real" sock (i.e. fingering weight) so when Wendy posted her free Southwestern Sock pattern over at The Loopy Ewe, I decided to give it a try. The stitch pattern is cute and easily memorized, and I didn't have to do a crochet cast-on, which I hate. I really love the Turkish cast-on - so easy! After that, though, not so much. It wasn't hard, really, just fiddly. I would definitely have to complete the toe before packing a sock to knit on while out and about; not so with a top-down sock. I put this one away, to work on later (since I really don't like the pressure of three pairs on the needles at once!) Not to mention the distance will give me time to decide if I like it. I mean... it's so thick. I hate hot feet, and I'm not sure I'll wear them. We'll see. I won't do anything rash, like give it away.. ;) But I could finish them and gift them to someone in a cold climate!

Here are the current socks in progress, mostly:
Cherry Tree Hill socks
In Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Supersock. This was a swap, and I still find it hard to believe that anyone could NOT love these colors. I mean... look at them! I cast these on almost a year ago, but the weeny little size 00 needles are killer on my hands and fingers so I don't see these getting finished with lightning speed or anything!

These are getting more attention:
Lisa Souza socks
Lisa Souza Merino! Sport in Violet's Pink Ribbon. I love the way these striped so perfectly, and they really remind me of my favorite food group, the cupcake (right down to the "sprinkles"!) I've finished the first one that you see in the photo, and am about halfway down the leg of the second. It would be good to finish this one in a couple days...

Goals for August: I don't know if the sock madness will continue, but I'm enjoying all the things getting finished right now. I have two, yes, TWO UFOs remaining, both only needing a little bit of work! One is a hat in RYC Silk Wool that is so pretty, but I just can't work up any excitement about it while it's still so hot and humid. I also need to weave in the ends of my Bird's Nest Shawl. Since the latter is for my mom's birthday on the 4th of this month, that will get done soon! (I also bound off too tightly, thought about it, and threw the little remaining yarn away to keep myself from ripping back. Kinda regretting it now...!)

Numbers for this July:

Grams Out: 1,850. Unbelievable, I know. The Quidditch sweater ate up a lot, and I sold 500 g, but still!
Grams In: 790! That's only 50g over my "allowance" of 740g (40% of what I used up.) Go me! ~~does the patented Bronwyn dance~~

Of course, I'm starting this month off with a deficit of 250g. Ack! It was Crown Mountain that did it - two skeins of Sock Hop (besides costing $43, UGH) add 150g, and the Loopy Ewe... well... they got this Handmaiden in. Mini Maiden, in Paris, specifically. Another 100g.
I only have to knit up 640g this month, tho, to make up for it! Yay! (Except, er, is going to have RYC Cashsoft 4ply next week. You all know how much I love Cashsoft so I could be in trouble there... send good destashing vibes my way this month, please! Thanks!


bradyphrenia said...

wow that's a ton of sockage. i really like the colors in the first pair. congrats on trying toe-up! i can't decide which i prefer. normally i'd go with toe-up, but if i knit taller socks, i have to do the cuff first or they'd never get finished. i probably end up knitting app. 50/50.

Brittany said...

What a coincidence! That's one of my favourite food groups too!

Sourire11 said...

best food group ever! Adorable socks, btw.

smelk-o-matic said...

It was so nice to meet you on Thursday!

You actually inspired me to try toe-up this weekend, so I went ahead and taught myself...not bad, not bad!!!