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Monday, August 20, 2007

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My Minimalist Cardigan is done, and I love it! The length, the sleeves (perfect for those of us always at work, pushing up their sleeves over and over again!) I even love the rolling edge. I toyed with sewing a lining to the front edges, but the rolling really does make it nice, and has the added benefit of letting a bit of ruffled blouse peek out underneath. This particular top is a sleeveless number from Banana Republic that's been languishing in the closet... obviously it was waiting for this sweater to be born.

Anyway, I love it. It'll be perfect for studying for the GRE (yep, I said it... I'm both terrified and thrilled at having a direction for once.) and, eventually, reading in the Bodleian. (That dream might be a while in the making, though!) The yarn, even though the gauge was off, is the perfect one in my opinion. Soft, but with a good amount of body, and it shows off the stitch definition beautifully due to the bit of silk. I've no idea where to get the stuff on sale, as it's pretty dear otherwise (about $9/ball, I used 12.5 for a 38" size). I just look for it on sale and then stash it for the future.

Here's another shot, check out that perfect late summer sky:

Minimalist Cardigan

Now that the Mini is done, am I resting on my laurels? You ought to know better... I started this beauty:
Placed Cable Aran
It's the Placed Cable Aran from the same issue, Interweave Fall 2007. I'm using Malabrigo in Sunset, a warm ochre gold. I was initially unsure of the intense color, but I loved this photo by Brooklyn Tweed, which decided it for me. And I'm glad I went with this one; the color is so utterly perfect for fall! You know how sunlight shines through the yellow and gold leaves, making them seem like they're glowing? Yeah. It's that color.

By the way, I hope I didn't freak anyone out with yesterday's post... it was just on my mind, with fall and me realizing I am the same age now as Rob was when he was killed. Life is strange, the way it sneaks up on us!


smelk-o-matic said...

What an awesome cardigan - when I first got that issue, I decided I was going to make that one, as well. You know, to take a break from socks. Well done.

And for the record, you didn't freak me out, anyways...and thank you for sharing your story. I realize I don't know you very well, but you definitely come off as very strong lady.


jenny said...

beautiful! I love the color your chose, and the moss stitch looks gorgeous.

Petra (GGP) said...

Gorgeous! I think I am going to put that in my queue of future knits! I love the clasp look too. Oh, and the color looks great on you. Super job!

Nell said...

It looks lovely! Much much better than the pic in IK. It didn;t appeal to me then, but it certainly does now!! Great job.

bradyphrenia said...

wow your cardigan looks really nice. i still don't have my fall ik, but now i'm even more eager to see it.

Bobbi said...

I was wondering where you got your clasp? I'd like to get a similar one for my cardigan. thank you!