Fever Dreams

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

True to form, I woke early this morning covered in sweat and with my head pounding. A fever! I haven't had one of those in a while; truth be told I enjoy them if I have the day off, because I have the most f'ed up dreams. Plus, that feeling when the fever breaks... everything suddenly feels cool and delicious, the pain in your head recedes, and you sleep the sleep of the dead.

I'm not there yet though, so my to-do list for today:
_ laundry, sheets (15 min)

_ empty dishwasher (10 min)

_ vacuum floor(s)

_ put all books onto shelves (1 hr)

_ put away all loose yarn in proper homes (20 min)

_ study GRE at least 30 min (30 min - 1 hr)

_ work on current book(s)

_ remake bed (10 min)

_ listen to BBC Francais for 1 session while knitting, sewing, or drawing

_ swiffer bathroom floor (yuck!)

_ work on MS3


_ sleep all day, maybe take a shower later, go back to sleep after eating 1/2 box of gummy bears for sustenance. ;) See y'all later...