Bloggers' Day for Burma

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

You'll find this blog "silent" today (intentionally) to join the protest not only the lack of information freedom, but the overall feeling of terror and helplessness in Burma. At one point some friends had a contact there that was collecting money to help feed the monks (since they are refusing food or alms from military families), but that person has since disappeared and has yet to resurface. The worst is feared, considering the number of unreported deaths that have been occuring there.

It is utterly shameful and depraved for a group to seek out and destroy the lives of those who oppose war peacefully. If you've ever thought that pacifism wasn't powerful, then perhaps you can explain to me why so many lives are being taken away because of it! If you have the stomach for it, look here to see some photos of what is really going on there. The photos are graphic, but so is death and that doesn't go away because we close our eyes.

Rather than feeling guilty or helpless, try to turn your mind towards peaceful and lovingkindess towards those close AND far away, even your enemies. Express your thanks that the place you live in is comparatively safe. Even if tears can't save lives, they can at least mourn what is lost and affirm that there is heartbreak, loss, and terror - not just a story on the news. This blog will return to normal tomorrow, but Burma (and Darfur, and and and...) won't.

ETA: For those who haven't bothered to read but feel necessary to criticize, there is no feasible way to donate money to the monks in Burma at this time. Any packages or $ sent will be redirected to the Junta, which will cause more hurt, not relief. I wish this weren't the case, and you can be assured that if the opportunity to help presents itself, I (and many others) will.


Anonymous said...

you just posted
so it's hardly silent

why not DO something to make a difference rather than refrain from doing something

or are you just lazy

Grandma Barb said...

I do believe I could figure out who Anonymous is - there is no call for a remark like that. How rude!