I was afraid it had been a month

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

but, thankfully, it hasn't been! I've got no pictures for you, but I have a good reason: I've been spending lots of time both looking for a job (and not knitting much) and spending time with the boyfriend. Didn't know I had one? Well, he's a newish addition to my life, but a welcome one! We like geeky things, he's super smart (and handsome) and he even went to a fiber festival with me and we petted the bunnies. I have started a new vest, Cambridge, from Rowan Classic Alpaca. Obviously I am not going to use their expensive-ass alpaca, pretty as it is... no, I am using a squooshy extra-fine merino I picked up from Elann (link to actual yarn included, until it sells out.) I love it, but it's a tiny bit stringy; a small price to pay for stretchy, bouncy, the-perfect-color (an academic golden olive), merino. For whatever reason my gauge is way off with it, so instead of using 6s, I'm using 3s. I even used a 2 for the ribbing. Clearly, this yarn is not dk, but the fabric is great and soft. I'm knitting it as a Christmas gift for my mom (because I'm a masochist, who loves having her hard work felted). Since I'm not an idiot, I showed her the pattern and color first and got a thumbs up.

Anyway, for the next couple days I am holed up in the bf's apartment, eating all of his fruit roll-ups and going to job interviews. So, no pictures, sorry! (Also, I cut all my hair off. It's really cute! I promise I'll show you soon!)


Ev said...

Aww... you think I'm smart, handsome and geeky! I sure tricked you!

I have no idea what you're talking about with 6s, 3s dk and stuff like that... but it sounds quite important to keep note of!

Cambridge is a broken link... that doesn't even link anywhere so you might have an error in your code.

Most importantly of all, now you're not looking for a job anymore! Because you got one! And it's right by my apartment! :D

I won't ruin it for everybody else, so hopefully there'll be a new entry soon about where you're working and how excited about it you are! :)