Christmas Spread - October

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

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Here's where I am on the Christmas knitting. Three scarves, three pairs of socks, and a hat/fetching set. I have at least one more scarf, one pair of fetching, one pair of socks, and a hat left to go. Whether I get there or not is immaterial; I refuse to stress. Gift cards are your friends if you don't get far enough down your list of people deserving on knitting love.

For the last couple years, I've been working on this principle - if you don't get a gift this year (and you deserve one, obviously) you'll get one next year or the next. People who got knitted gifts the year before are moved to the bottom, and work their way back up. I knit for gifts all year round, mostly because you can only wear so many small woollen goods! Another good thing? With the exception of the green scarf on the left (which I'll give you a closeup of here in a second) all of these are from stash. :D

I've been doing well on the stash front. I have no real desire to buy yarn. There are lots of things that I have yarn for and want to knit, so that helps. It doesn't mean I don't want bag upon bag of DK-weight extra fine merino which seems to be flooding ebay and the internet stores right now. I'm sure I'll break... eventually. But not now! My savings is actually going up, little by little! Yay!

Here's the aforementioned finished green scarf:


It's the scarf I knit for my friend Tyson, until reality stepped in and pointed out that Los Angeles does not require an alpaca scarf. So, it's being repurposed and sent to Vancouver instead, and I'll knit something more useful for him! The yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Pea Soup Mix, easily the prettiest green I have ever seen. Berroco in general has stepped it up when it comes to yarn AND patterns since Norah went on board with them. Go Norah!


bradyphrenia said...

no forbes forest?

i am nearly ready to start spinning your yarn. yay!

Bronwyn said...

No, I needed to get done before Christmas, not by Christmas '08. Forbes Forest (flickr it if you don't know what we're talking about :) ) is beautiful, and if I make it, it will be for ME. *grin*

jess said...

i'm a former east nash gal & just found your blog. love what you're working on in this post. i work w/vogue knitting & yarn market news. since you teach classes on knitting, you might want to check out our business conference this spring...just a thought. Still... good luck with your holiday knitting. can't wait to see the finished goods!