Jack's Aran Cardigan

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

man, I am happy right now. I have been really good about knitting (and spinning) out of my stash as of late. I did decide that it was ok to buy books and needles right now, since those things can help me knit up yarn that's been languishing, waiting for the right pattern. I have been wanting two books though, Men in Knits and Knitter's Stash. The Knitter's Stash has a pattern for the Euroflax Sheila has ordered that's lovely, as well as a sweater that I love. But Men in Knits, I wanted it sight unseen for this project which I want to make for my dad. But I just could not justify the cost, especially since I just ordered Sewing for Dummies from Overstock.com. Along comes the Interweave "Hurt Book" sale, which had not one, but BOTH books I wanted for under $25 total, rather than the $50 that I would've paid. How could I say no to that? I ordered both, and now I have to be good til I've saved the money to buy the yarn to make said cardigan for my dad's birthday (on March 9!). I won't be using Knitpicks, by the way, but something from Threaded Bliss. I like Knitpicks and all, but I also like being able to return leftover yarn without hassle, supporting my LYS (and my job), and since it's so involved I want to make sure this sweater lasts!

I'm not sure what yarn to use though, so I may wait til after inventory and see what new stuff has come in before making any final decisions.

I took my first spinning class last night, and I LOVE IT. And, I hate to sound snobby, but I'm good at it. Even my meagre experience with David's wheel seemed to prepare me for it. Call me weird, but I like the spindle better. Is it slower? Yes. But it's also portable, and the slower speed allows much more control for this beginning spinner. I liked doing it so much that I spun three hanks of yarn before bed, over 100 yards total. The one I'm most proud of is spun up from a deep violet and blue merino/tencel mix that I bought many moons ago when I had David's wheel. It's drying right now but I'll get a shot of it tonight.

Hope you're all doing well!