All I Want for Christmas...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

While I knit on my Chamonix sweater, I got all googly thinking about how lucky I am. But I would be lying if I said there weren't things in life I'd like, that would make life easier. And no, money isn't one of them.

1. A dishwasher. it's funny how this keeps coming up in our lives and in my blog! Dishes pile up so quick, and then lay around til they get washed. Neither one of us is lazy so that isn't for very long, but wouldn't it be nice to have something else do them for you? If nothing else the dishes are out of sight and the sink is clean. (clean sinks and counters, along with a made bed and vacuumed floor, relax me.)

2. A working vacuum. See above, our vacuum just spews dust. Since I like a clean carpet, I have been using a handvac to clean it. I know, I am insane. But I can't stand gross carpet, and our carpet is white (or used to be, anyway.)

3. A big gift certificate to Plum Good Foods a Nashville-based grcery delivery business that only carries organic, fair-trade, etc. etc. Even the meat and eggs they carry are free range. The prices are not thtat far above what we normally pay for most things, but the $8 delivery charge just stings. I know our friend and neighbor KlaraTyson gets it, so I am wondering if we can split the cost and order together!

4. A gym membership. I thought I'd get one locally, but $70 is just out of my price range. Now that Mark's going regularly I am wishing I could too, if only to take yoga and swim. This one makes me saddest.

As the leaves begin to bud and the ground thaws, my mind turns to our lease, which expires in May. We have to stay close to school, and very well may stay in this apartment. But I would dearly love a) dishwasher, b) second bedroom/studio, and c) more kitchen counter space.

Also, wood floors. No more of this carpet shit. it is too hard to clean and nobody seems to pick a decent color, like say, TAN or BLUE. Instead, we get light grey and BROWN-ORANGE. Ewww!

I think I will clean the apartment (to make myself feel better) and do my yoga dvd (to feel less gross).