Faux Russian Stole

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So here is my problem. I want to knit the Faux Russian Stole from Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen. Except that it calls for 1200 yards of fingering weight (sock weight) yarn. Now, I'm not normally a cheapskate, but I'm not even working enough hours to pay the bills (thank God there's two of us) and I can't justify buying new yarn. Yet the only yarns I have in quantity are Jaeger Luxury Tweed and DB Merino DK, both really too large. I think the Luxury Tweed (Kingfisher Blue) might work better than the DB, though it's supposedly larger, because it's so lofty and has a fuzz to it. My only other option is to double-strand Knitpicks Shadow, which would cost me all of $14. But, I'd rather use what I have so I'll start swatching with the Luxury Tweed before I buy anything else. And really, I could stand it if the stole were a little bigger, so bumping the needle size up to an 8 (to make a holey fabric with the larger yarn) would be ok with me.

I can't get Flickr or Yahoo to talk to each other right now, so I may have to sign up for another photo program. Too bad, since I liked Flickr so much!