I held out pretty long, don't you think?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I guess I was thinking more "buy less yarn" than "buy no yarn". I did buy some yarn today, but I don't feel bad about it because:

1) I know exactly what it will be used for (socks for Mother's Day.)

2) It was on sale. ($13 I got these for, and the shipping cheap too.)

3) I like the seller. Not personally, I don't know him/her, but when I sent her a little advice about his/her auctions, she thanked me and asked me some more questions, and seemed genuinely interested in being a good businessperson. How can you not buy from somebody like that?

Anyway, I counted it up, and I have bought 3 balls of yarn this month. I am really proud of myself! I also had a swap go really well too; I traded away 13 balls of DB merino dk I didn't want for...drumroll please...

2 balls of Kidsilk Haze (in a color I wanted anyway)
2 balls of Lorna's in Desert Flower (ditto)
8 balls of baby alpaca silk in red (I have been wanting to try this yarn, and it's enough to actually DO something.) YAY!

So while I have all this yarn coming to me, the expenditure was practically nil and my stash also lost a little weight. (Did I mention my WIPs as well??)

Anyway, I'm feeling so good that I sent in my tax return. Now, tax return time is bad for the yarn stash, as it tends to swell insanely from all the "free money" I get back. But seeing as I'm on this yarn diet, AND enjoying the effects of it, I decided the tax return would be spent this way: 40% into savings for summer vacation. 40% towards credit card. 20% is free money to play with, about $40 I think.

I spent last night thinking about what I would spend said return on... and I'd like your feedback if possible. You've come to know me, you know what I'll use, so let me hear your opinion!

1) One hank of Artyarns Silk Rhapsody. I doubt I'll go with this, as it's not much yardage for the money and it's the last yarn I'll be buying for a while.

2) Four hanks of Lorna's sock. (colorway options: gray's corner, happy stripes, wisteria, watercolor, seaside.) I love LL. What can I say?

3) lace patterns. Baltic Sea Stole from Fibertrends, Violets by the River from Blackberry Ridge.

4) 2 hanks of Schaeffer Anne (socks)

or 1 of 2 kits, the garter stitch jacket kit from Fleece Artist, or a shawl kit from Blackberry Ridge. Right now I'm leaning toward this conglomeration:

Fleece Artist mohair jacket kit ($29), and a lace pattern or two. What do you think? (new suggestions I may not have thought of are, of course, welcome.)


bradyphrenia said...

WOW, sounds like you really made out on that trade. congrats on finding inexpensive ll also. i admire your restraint. i went on another shopping binge today, but as it was for my SP's, i don't feel guilty. :-)

Annie said...

What a great trade!

I love the Violets by the River shawl, but have never seen anyone actually knit it. I vote for that (totally selfish, I know)!