saving is good. but painful.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Much like working out, saving money is one of those things that feels good after you've been doing it for a while. Not when you're in the act of "ten more minutes of cardio," or "I'll just walk out today without buying anything." But later, much later, when you're sleeping soundly instead of wondering if you can pay rent with the yarn you just bought.

See, last year I had a problem; a shopping problem. When I am stressed and frustrated, I buy. Especially yarn, because it makes me think of what I'm doing in the future, and, stemming from that, that there IS a future out there for me. So I shopped, a lot, and have lots of yarn to show for it. But I did a lot of lying awake, and after an emergency loan from my parents (God, how embarassing) I realized I was a little bit sick and needed to fix myself quick. (hey, that rhymed!) So after Christmas, I said no more yarn. Not really thinking I could do it, but guess what? I've only bought two balls of yarn since January 11. I know, it's still yarn bought, but that's a total of $14 spent on yarn in a month. That's pretty good!

Not to say it hasn't been hard. But what IS fun is trying to figure out how to use the 1 million little balls I have collected. A shawl is being knitted, a sweater which will use a whole cone, and an art piece that is eating up my little balls. I couldn't be more pleased. Seeing the drawers actually close without having to be slammed, no wiggly strands waving limply from baskets and containers.... it's a good feeling.

I still have to make it til January 1, 2007 without buying more than an "eensy-weensy" amount of yarn. I'll even knit my dad or boyfriend a sweater out of the Debbie Bliss merino dk that I bought, to avoid buying new yarn for a new sweater.

Oh, and I'm teaching at the Knaughty Knitter now. On March 9 I'll be teaching cables. Wish me luck! (Good thing I only get an employee discount in the month that I teach. That should keep it way down!)


bradyphrenia said...

good for you for showing restraint!

i um, will say that my splurge today from littleknits was so that you can feel even better for not being spendy. *pained face*

nope, not feeling guilty.