Mark's Felted Hat

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mark's Felted Hat
Originally uploaded by The Prolific Knitter.
I forgot to mention, I finally got a new Flickr account. I was pretty pissed off that yahoo/flickr merged and then made it such a pain in the ass to merge the accounts. Anyway, I gave up and got a new yahoo email (which I won't be using) and a new Flickr account.

I knit and felted this hat all yesterday, in one day. That is some kind of record for me, seeing as I've never felted before and did it by hand. I knit it using a hat calculator, which I won't link because it didn't work for me and I ended up with a hat that would've fit the Jolly Green Giant. We filled the sink with hot water and scrubbed and rubbed and twisted, and this is the result! it fits perfectly, and I have to admit it's darn cool looking through I was not keen on knitting all that grey and brown.

It was due to this hat that I broke my yarn diet. I discovered I love this hat, but cannot handle the greyness. So I started another one - out of teal possum/merino I had from NZ, and the leftover grey wool. I had a ball of Knitpicks' merino style in Vanilla, but no other color that matched it... so I hopped on Knitpicks, and, armed with my free shipping coupon code, ordered one measly ball of merino style in crocus, a cheery yellow. Yellow and cream make the prettiest stripes! I also got a colorcard for merino style, to make color picking in the (far) future easier. I know it isn't much, but it's a good feeling to just buy what you'll use right away rather than adding to an enormous pile. There're so many things I found while cleaning that I want to knit, I began to realize by overstashing I lose things I want to have handy.